9 Best Dog Friendly Hikes in San Diego County

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San Diego is easily one of the best cities for outdoor lovers. 

Blessed with a mild climate and has so much to see.

Not only that, but it also offers a lot of great hiking spots for everyone, including your fido!

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Below are some of the best dog-friendly hiking trails in San Diego County.

1. Cowles Mountain Trail

The Cowles Mountain Trail is a very popular trail that will lead you to the highest point in San Diego, which offers panoramic views of downtown San Diego, Mexico, North County, and Orange County on a clear day.

This trail is roughly 3 miles round trip and is very steep towards the summit. Also, a large part of it is very rocky, so make sure to wear shoes with good traction and get your furry friend a pair of hiking boots before you hit the trail.

2. Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail

Another place that you can hike with your pup is the Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail that features a waterfall at the end. While the waterfall doesn’t have the largest drop, it is still beautiful, especially during the wet season or after a rainstorm. This trail is about 6.9 miles, relatively flat, and is perfect for people of all skill levels.

3. Tecolote Canyon Trail

Live in the town and don’t feel like leaving the city for hikes? Check out the Tecolote Canyon Trail, located right in the heart of San Diego. It is approximately 6.6 miles round trip, and it goes from easy and flat to a few very steep uphills and downhills with loose gravel. So be prepared for that and ensure both you and your four-legged friend put on good hiking boots.

4. Piedras Pintadas Interpretive Trail

Want an easy hike with minimal elevation gain to build up your dog’s stamina? Look no further than the Piedras Pintadas Interpretive Trail, located near Escondido, which is only about 30 minutes’ drive from the city. It is a 3.8-mile loop trail with great views of the bay. Note that it has no shade, so avoid going there on a hot sunny day.

5. Lake Hodges Overlook Trail

The Lake Hodges Overlook Trail in Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve is a 6.8-mile out-and-back trail located near Escondido. The first mile and a quarter are relatively steep, but then it levels out after the climb. And at the top, you will have gorgeous views of both Lake Hodges and Olivenhain Reservoir.

6. Batiquitos Lagoon Trail

The Batiquitos Lagoon Trail is another trail that welcomes dogs. It is roughly 3.2 miles and is pretty flat the entire way. While this hike is short and easy, you and your furkid will surely enjoy the beautiful views of wildflowers, the local wildlife, and the lagoon. Also, there is a lot of shade and plenty of benches along the way to allow for snack breaks!

7. Potato Chip Rock via Mount Woodson Trail

Want a good stretch? Check out the Potato Chip Rock via Mount Woodson Trail located near Poway. This trail climbs 2,110 feet in just 3.75 miles and is steep the whole way up, so you certainly will have a strenuous workout. Though the climb is challenging, the views are spectacular. You will also get to take pictures of yourself standing on the iconic rock formation in San Diego, the Potato Chip Rock!

8. Iron Mountain Trail

The Iron Mountain Trail is one of San Diego’s most popular hikes, which will lead you to the second-highest peak in Poway. It is a 5.7-mile out-and-back trail with views of northeast San Diego County, and Mount Woodson and Catalina Island on a clear day. Note that it is very exposed and can get very hot during the summer months, plus it can get a lot of traffic. So it’s probably a good idea to go there as early as you can to beat the heat and the crowd.

9. Blue Sky Trail to Lake Ramona

The Blue Sky Trail in Blue Sky Ecological Reserve is also heavily trafficked. It is approximately 6.3 miles round trip with views of Lake Ramona, Lake Poway, and Mount Woodson. The first half or so is well shaded and flat, while the second half has no shade, steep, and gets more difficult towards the top. 

It is important to note that the last part of the trail is asphalt, meaning it can become too hot and hazardous for your dog’s pads, so consider getting them a pair of hiking boots to protect their paws.

Things You Need to Know Before Your San Diego County Hikes

Taking your furry friend out on hikes can benefit them in many ways, both physically and mentally. However, hitting an unshaded trail on a hot summer day can put them at risk of heatstroke, so make sure to check the weather before you head out.

Remember to pack enough food, and bring your dog’s water bottle to keep their body fueled, plus don’t forget your fido’s leash, hiking harness, and a GPS tracker to keep them safe. There are more things you need to be aware of when going on hikes with your pup in San Diego County, which we have got everything covered in our tips for hiking with dogs, be sure to check it out!