Best Dog Harnesses

Are you looking for a new dog harness?

A high-quality harness is essential if you want to take your dog with you everywhere without the risk of them running off or getting lost.

However, there are many different types of dog vests with various features on the market. Some are made to offer more control, and others are for better balance and support. There are also harnesses designed for pulling and for working dogs!

Plus, these harnesses for dogs come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, making it difficult to choose the right one for your canine.

Well, don’t worry! We’ve done all the research for you, and below you will find the best dog harnesses that will work for all types of dogs and situations.

Dog Harnesses for Outdoor Activities

dog harness

A dog hiking harness is a piece of equipment for guiding and controlling your dog while on a hike to help prevent injury.

Harnesses designed for hiking typically come with a top handle to give you instant control over your dog. And some have extra features, such as reflective materials for nighttime hikes to ensure your pup is safe in low light conditions.

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Runner with His Dog

Dog running harnesses are designed to distribute the pressure over the dog’s body rather than on its neck. They are also lightweight and have paddings in the right places to ensure your pup has an enjoyable running experience.

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Girl at the Mountain Top with Dog

A dog climbing harness is a strength-rated belay harness used for rock climbing and rappelling, allowing you to safely lift and lower dogs in exposed areas while also providing increased comfort, safety, and convenience.

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Sled Dog Race on Snow

Dog skijoring harnesses provide you with the ability to take your furry best friend along for wintertime fun in the snow. These harnesses are shaped in a way that enables your pup to pull you on skis without straining or injuring them.

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Man Walking with Dog

Dog walking harnesses are designed for not only control but also for comfort. It distributes weight evenly and does not place pressure on the dog’s neck like collars do, so long walks that were previously uncomfortable for the dog are now a breeze!

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Best Dog Life Jacket

A dog life vest is a device made of thick, buoyant foam or flotation material, with a neck section designed to hold the dog’s head out of the water and keep them safe.

Dog life jackets are especially needed when you go boating with your pup. Because if they fall overboard, it can be difficult for them to get back to safety if not wearing one.

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Dog Harnesses for Training

Best No Pull Dog Harnesses for Aggressive Pullers

Do you feel like your walks are a struggle because your furry friend loves pulling on the leash? If so, you will need a no-pull harness. They are specially designed to help with teaching your dog basic leash manners.

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Dog Harnesses for Other Purposes

Labrador Guide Dog - Service Dog

Fitting a working dog with a service harness can help identify them as a service animal, which allows them to get into places where normal companion dogs might not be able to, such as restaurants. But, most importantly, that helps to keep people from distracting them while they work!

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Dog Trying to Escape

Tired of your dog slipping out of the normal vest? Check out these escape-proof harnesses that can prevent your Houdini hound from wriggling free, ultimately keeping them from running into unsafe situations.

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Dog with Harness in a Car

The purpose of a dog car harness is to restrain dogs and keep them safe in an accident or sudden stop and allow you to focus on driving. Here you will find ones that are crash-tested and certified, which can withstand the force of impact.

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Beagle Resisting Over Head Harness

Do you find putting a standard harness on your four-legged friend is a bit of a hassle? Consider using a step-in dog harness instead, which has an easy-on and easy-off design that makes getting your dog ready for a trip to the park or on a walk around the block much easier!

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Beagle that Like to Chew

Is your dog a heavy chewer? We all know how frustrating it is to spend so much money on your dog’s harness only to have your pup destroy them in minutes! But with these near-indestructible harnesses, you will never have to worry about that anymore!

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Lifting a Dog

Whether your canine is recovering from surgery or has any mobility issues, a dog lift harness can provide the support they need to get around. These harnesses are designed to take a significant amount of strain off your dog’s hips and legs and alleviate discomfort as they walk.

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