Best Dog Collars

There are a variety of collars that serve different purposes.

The standard one is for keeping dogs under control, while some other collars can be used to train dogs.

You will also find collars that can help keep track of a fido’s whereabouts and movements, ones designed to reduce anxiety in dogs with noise sensitivity or separation anxiety, and many more!

Whether you are looking for a new collar for your canine or you just want to read up on different collars out there, you’ve come to the right place!

Dog Care Collars

Calming a Dog

Dog calming collars, also known as a DAP collar, is a device that helps reduce stress, anxiety, and over-excitement in dogs, which work by giving off gentle, soothing pheromones that mimic the ones produced by mother dogs used to relieve stress in puppies.

These collars are clinically proven to calm anxious dogs, whether if the stress is triggered by loud sounds of fireworks or thunderstorms, separation, travel, or vet visits.

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Dog Elizabethan Collar

A dog cone collar also referred to as an Elizabethan collar or E-Collar, is a protective medical device used to keep dogs from licking and chewing the wound or surgical site to allow for a quick recovery.

The collar is lightweight, designed in the shape of a cone, hence its name, and is usually made of plastic or cardboard with soft fabric on the edges to prevent it from cutting into the dog’s neck.

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Dog Safety Collars

Best Dog GPS Trackers

A dog GPS collar tracker allows you to keep track of your fido’s real-time position from your smartphone, which is especially useful for owners who have an escape artist or a dog who loves wandering off on their own. Some models aren’t just limited to tracking your dog’s whereabouts, but they can also provide you with information on your canine’s location history, health, and activity level.

These trackers come in either cellular or non-cellular options. The cellular option requires you to pay a monthly fee for the GPS monitoring service, while the non-cellular ones work through an application on your phone and require no additional charges since they don’t rely on cell phone signals to work.

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Dog Training Collars

Barking Dogs

A dog bark collar is a training device designed to stop excessive barking without inflicting any pain on your furry friend. There are three main types: static, spray, and vibration, and the best part about these collars are that they will trigger the correction themselves whenever your dog barks.

Static collars work by delivering a mild static stimulation, whereas a spray collar releases a harmless spray of citronella or lemon-like scent. And vibration collars, on the other hand, deliver a slight vibration when the sensor picks up your dog’s barking.

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Best Dog Shock Collar

A dog shock collar is a tool that emits an electric pulse via remote control to train and curb unwanted behavior in dogs, such as excessive barking, jumping up onto people, and destructive chewing.

These collars usually have adjustable stimulation levels to allow the handler to increase or decrease the intensity based on the dog’s size and temperament. If used correctly, dog shock collars can be a very effective training tool.

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Best Hunting Dog Tracking Systems

A hunting dog GPS tracking collar or system typically comes with a receiver collar and a handheld transmitter that allows hunters to locate and communicate with their canine during a hunting trip. The higher-end ones will also enable hunters to track multiple dogs and see their gundog’s hunting style and behavior.

There are two main types of hunting dog GPS tracking collars, telemetry and GPS.

A telemetry system uses radio frequencies to communicate between the collar and handheld unit. It has a farther line of sight, but it won’t tell you exactly how far away your dog is from you.

In comparison, a GPS tracking system uses satellites for communication, which will give you much more accurate information on the distance between you and your dog and will tell you the direction your gundog is running in.

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