5 Best Bark Collars for Dogs (2023 Reviews)

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Does your dog bark non stop all day, and that starts to bother you and your neighbors?

Now, you have decided to invest in a dog bark collar to train unwanted barking habits out of your talkative pup?

If so, you’ve landed on the right page!

We’ve put together some of the best anti-barking collars available on the market, help you understand different types of these training collars and how they work, and listed down things you need to look for when choosing one.

Here are the 5 top-rated bark collars for dogs you can get in 2023.

In A Rush? Here Are the Quick Picks for the Best Anti-Bark Collar

Editor's Pick Product Correction Methods Our Reviews
Our Top Pick Trulrox Dog Bark Training Collar Tone, vibration, and 5 levels of static stimulation Click Here
Best Overall Performance Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe Vibration and 7 levels of static stimulation Click Here
Best for Large Dogs SportDOG Brand SBC-10 10 levels of static stimulation Click Here
Best for Small Dogs Dogrook Dog Bark Collar Tone and vibration Click Here
Most Humane PetSafe Spray Bark Collar Citronella spray Click Here

1. Our Top Pick - Trulrox Dog Bark Training Collar

Trulrox Bark Collar Barking Control Training Collar
Photo Credit : Trulrox

Not only is the Trulrox Dog Bark Training Collar affordable, but it is also very effective when it comes to correcting a dog’s excessive barking, hence our top pick.

It has five levels of adjustable sensitivity and two correction modes, allowing you to use either beep, vibration, and shock or no shock to stop your pooch’s incessant barking without harming them.

Plus, it will only be activated if the bark is in the range of 80 to 90 decibels and 1000 to 2000 kilohertz, meaning it is safe as there won’t be any unintentional static shocks when your four-footed friend shakes their head or the nearby dog barks. We also like that it will temporarily stop working for 2 minutes if activated seven times in a minute for safety reasons.

This intelligent anti-barking collar uses IP67 waterproof material for construction to ensure it can perform in any weather conditions, equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery that can last for roughly 12 days of use after 1 to 2 hours of charge.

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2. Best Overall Performance - Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe

Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe
Photo Credit : Garmin

Best known for their navigation devices for dogs and humans, Garmin has also made one of the best bark collars, the Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe.

It has micro electro-mechanical acceleration sensors that can distinguish your fido’s barks and other vocalizations, thereby eliminating false corrections caused by other noises like paw scratching or the barks of nearby dogs. And there’s a dial that allows you to set it to vibration only, manually adjusting the stimulation levels from 1 to 7, or use the Autorise stimulation mode instead to let it automatically increase the correction’s intensity as your talkative pup barks.

What also makes this bark collar stand out from the rest is that it has a sleep mode. What that does is if the collar is motionless for a short period, it will power down itself to conserve the battery.

What’s more, it has an in-built bark odometer that can help count the number of times your canine is corrected while you are away, which can be particularly useful if you set the stimulation level manually. For instance, if you put it on level 3 and find that your pup still barks as many times as they usually would, you know level 3 is not working for them, and you will then increase the stimulation level.

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3. Best for Large Dogs - SportDOG Brand SBC-10 NoBark Rechargeable Bark Control Collar

SportDOG Brand SBC-10 NoBark Rechargeable Bark Control Collar
Photo Credit : SportDog

Do you have a large, high-drive incessant barker who doesn’t respond to no-bark collars that emit low static stimulation levels? If so, check out the SportDOG Brand SBC-10 NoBark Rechargeable Bark Control Collar, designed explicitly for those types of dogs.

It features a progressive correction training mode, in which the static stimulation starts from level 1 and will subsequently increase each time your dog barks within 30 seconds of the previous bark. It also offers a programmable mode, giving you the ability to set the collar to a specific static intensity. Plus, with its patent-pending Silent Partner technology that can filter out other sounds to prevent false corrections.

This bark collar for dogs is waterproof and is submersible to 25 feet thanks to the DryTek technology, making sure that it can still work while allowing your canine to play in the water. It has a quick charge time of 2 hours and can last for 200 hours per charge.

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4. Best for Small Dogs - Dogrook Dog Bark Collar

DogRook Rechargeable Bark Collar
Photo Credit : DogRook

If you have a small dog, you would probably want to look into the DogRook Bark Collar as it is very lightweight and won’t make it uncomfortable for them to wear.

It offers no shock training, with seven levels of vibration sensitivity and sound signals to safely stop your dog from barking. Plus, this device will only be activated when the sensor detects both your dog’s bark and the vocal cord’s movement to ensure no accidental corrections. In other words, you don’t have to worry that it will harm your furkid.

This no-shock bark collar is suitable for dogs with neck sizes of 9 to 22 inches. It is also water-resistant, equipped with a rechargeable battery that can get a full charge in about 1 to 2 hours.

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5. Most Humane - PetSafe Spray Bark Collar

PetSafe Spray Bark Collar
Photo Credit : PetSafe

You don’t like the idea of anti-barking collars that deliver static shocks. And your pup doesn’t respond to those that use tone and vibration correction? Check out the PetSafe Spray Bark Collar.

It is compact, lightweight, and waterproof. Works by only emitting a gentle burst of spray under your fido’s chin to deter them from barking or even whining, making it one of the safest and most humane training solutions. And it will only trigger a correction when its unique bark-sensing technology detects both the bark and the vocal cord’s vibration.

This no-bark collar comes with two spray cartridges, unscented and citronella, allowing you to test and see which works best for your four-footed friend. Each spray cartridge contains roughly about 35 sprays and is replaceable once finished. It can fit canines with a neck size up to 27 inches and has a 40-hour runtime.

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Benefits of Using a Bark Collar for Dogs?

Barking Dogs
Caption : Barking Dogs
  • It can stop nuisance barking. One of the many benefits of using a dog bark collar is that it can stop excessive barking and works best when combined with rewards training (positive reinforcement). Over time, your incessant barker will associate the unpleasant feeling with barking and learn that they will get rewarded for the quiet behavior.
  • It helps you to secure yourself a good sleep. Imagine having to wake up while sleeping just because your pooch barks non-stop. That certainly is not what you want, especially if you have important matters to attend to the next day. A dog bark collar allows you to teach them when it is and isn’t ok to bark.
  • It helps you avoid costly dog training bills. Though you can hire a dog trainer to curb nuisance barking behavior, it can be expensive, and not everyone can afford that. A dog bark collar is a cheaper option that allows you to resolve the unwanted barking problem.
  • It helps your dog develop self-control. How so? Well, after a session or two of training, your fido will understand that every time they bark, they get a shock, which they will, in turn, learn to control themselves in any environment to avoid receiving that unpleasant feeling.

Best Bark Collar Buyer’s Guide: What to Look For

There are many different reasons why dogs bark. It could be due to them trying to seek attention, alerting you to something suspicious, not feeling well, or simply because they are bored and frustrated. So, it is crucial to identify the root cause of the problem. That way, you will be able to tackle it with the right strategy or the right tool. But if you have come to decide that using a dog bark collar is best for your circumstance, below are some of the features you need to consider.

1. Types of Bark Collars: Static vs. Citronella vs. Vibration

First and foremost, you will have to choose between a static shock collar, citronella bark collar, or a vibration collar.

Static Shock Bark Collars

A static shock collar will administer slight pulses of static electricity through the metal prongs on the collar to your dog and is arguably the most effective option in addressing unwanted barking behavior. These devices usually come with different intensity levels, and you will have the ability to adjust them according to your dog’s temperament. You will also find some higher-end ones like the Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe and SportDOG Brand SBC-10 even allow you to switch to an automatic mode, which will adjust its sensitivity levels itself as your pup barks.

However, shock collars are a controversial option for training dogs to stop barking as it is one of those tools that involve using aversive techniques, and some people worry that it can cause fear in their dogs. But there are also people who love these devices and swear by them.

Citronella Bark Collars

Citronella bark collars, also known as spray bark collars, containing liquids with a lemon-like scent that most dogs find stink and hate. These devices work by squirting a fine mist of the citronella liquid under your dog’s chin when triggered, which is, obviously, a safer and more humane way of interrupting a dog’s barking than static shock collars.

They, however, won’t work for every dog, especially those who have a high drive. Not to mention, there are also ongoing costs of the consumables, which, in this case, is the citronella refills. These little costs can add up to lots of money over the years!

Vibration Bark Collars

Vibration bark collars, on the other hand, purely rely on tone and vibration, for instance, the DogRook Bark Collar. When activated, these gadgets will emit audible beeps with varying intensities of vibration along your furry friend’s neck to remind them not to bark. They are completely harmless and won’t startle dogs as much as static collars would.

The only disadvantage of this type of bark collar is that it may not provide sufficient stimulation to stop your canine from barking, especially if they are stubborn. And some dogs may get used to the buzzing sensation and completely ignore it.

2. False Triggering Prevention

If your canine didn’t do anything yet still receive a static shock, vibration, or getting sprayed just because the nearby dog barks, they will surely be confused and wonder what they have done wrong to deserve a correction. So, you would want to check if the anti-bark collar you are getting has a false-trigger proofing feature, which can prevent that instance from happening and only correct your pup when it detects both their bark and the vibration of their throat.

3. Adjustable Stimulation Levels

You want your canine to respond to the no-bark collar at the end of the day and stop barking when triggered. But some dogs are very stubborn and won’t listen whatsoever. So, it’s a better idea to choose devices that have adjustable stimulation levels. The more level it has, the better. That way, you will be able to fine-tune the intensity according to your fido’s temperament to ensure it works just right for them.

4. Water-resistant or Waterproof

If your furkid loves swimming or playing in the water, this is something you need to consider. However, it is crucial not to confuse water-resistant with waterproof. A water-resistant bark collar means it is resistant to water penetration to some degree, while a waterproof collar is impervious to water.

Best Dog Bark Collar Alternatives

Apart from dog bark collars, here are some other training tools you can use to correct excessive barking.

Ultrasonic Bark Collar

These devices come in indoor, outdoor, and handheld versions and work by producing ultra-high frequency sounds to interrupt and silence dogs. And the best part is that it is nearly inaudible to humans, meaning it won’t cause disturbance to others at all, hence why these gadgets have become more and more popular in recent years.

Electronic Collars with Remote Control

Electronic collars, also known as E-Collars or shock collars, work very similar to static bark collars, which would deliver unpleasant electric shocks to dogs when they bark. But these devices come with extra remote control, allowing you to do more than just training incessant barking out of your barker. It gives you the ability to correct other undesired behavior in your pup, like jumping on people and destructive chewing.

Dog Whistles

Or you can also consider using a dog whistle to stop your canine from barking. Compared to devices that emit static shocks, whistles are way more humane. Not to mention, you can also use it to provide your fido with basic obedience training, recalling, or even teaching them how to hunt. One thing to note, though, you will have to teach your pup the meaning of your whistle command sounds. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Bark Control Collar FAQ

What is a no-bark collar?

No-bark collars are a training tool that delivers various types of stimuli (static shocks, pulsing vibrations, or sprays of citronella, depending on which one you get) to your dog when they bark, ultimately deterring them from barking. What is great about these devices is that you barely need to do anything once you put them on your dog, as they will operate automatically and don’t require your attention. However, they can only deal with barking problems, meaning you will need to buy a different device if your dog has other undesired behavior that you wish to correct.

Do anti-bark collars work for howling and whining?

Yes. While most anti-bark collars can filter out sounds other than barking, they can still go off when they detect howling and whining. But that depends on which bark collars you choose as each product has a different required sound and throat’s vibration level to cause it to set off.

Are no-bark collars safe to use on puppies?

Yes, no-bark collars are safe to use on puppies, but not those that administer static electricity. The reason is that puppies’ skin is relatively thin compared to adult dogs, resulting in a higher chance of tissue injury. So the best bark collars for fixing puppy excessive barking are the ones that use citronella spray, sound, or vibration as a correction as they are more humane and won’t cause any pain in your pup.