6 Best Dog Whistles (2023 Reviews): For Training, Recall, & Bark Control!

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Are you looking for the best dog whistle?

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Whether it is to recall your hunting dog in the field, teach your sheepdog the basic commands, stop your dog’s excessive barking as your neighbors are getting annoyed, or train your canine to be more obedient, the best dog whistle can surely help you get the job done.

In fact, dog whistles are a very effective training tool, commonly used among professional dog trainers, hunters, shepherds, and police to train their dogs.

Below are the 6 top-rated dog whistles in 2023.

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1. Ortz Dog Whistle

Ortz Dog Whistle
Photo Credit : Ortz

The Ortz Dog Whistle is one of the most popular options on the market, giving you the ability to stop your dog from barking, recall them, or keep them disciplined in public without having to raise your voice.

With this training tool, you will be able to adjust to multiple frequencies to communicate with your pup and issue different commands such as stop barking, sit, come, and stay. It has a stylish and neat design, comes with a lanyard that allows you to wear it around your neck. That way, you don’t have to worry about misplacing it. It also includes a protective cover to keep it clean from dirt and particles when not in use.

Additionally, Ortz claims that it works for hunting dogs and other common breeds in the US and Europe. They will also provide you with either a refund or replacement if you run into any issues with this whistle.

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2. Acme Dog Whistle Pro Trialler 212

Acme Dog Whistle Pro Trialler 212
Photo Credit : Acme

The Acme Dog Whistle Pro Trialler 212 is easily one the best dog training whistles and the favorite among many experts, including Martin Deeley, an internationally renowned dog trainer who also runs the Florida Dog Training School.

It is very lightweight and durable, with a pealess design to create a consistent high-pitched sound. Meaning the sound produced will always be the same no matter how hard you blow, which is crucial while you train your dog as you want them to understand you and perform what you want them to do precisely.

This dog whistle is especially great for training in an open field or heavy cover situations and is an excellent option for hard-of-hearing dogs.

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3. Acme 535 Silent Dog Whistle

Acme Silent Dog Whistle
Photo Credit : Acme

So with the Acme 535 Silent Dog Whistle, it is not really “silent”. Instead, it will emit a very high sound frequency that is almost inaudible to humans but is very loud to dogs, which is why it is so popular among pet parents.

Built with durability in mind, it has solid rust-resistant brass construction with a nickel plating to ensure it can hold up to wear and tear. It also has a screw piston that allows you to adjust the frequency between 5,400Hz and 12,800 Hz to suit your dog, along with air directors to help control the quality of the frequency produced, making sure that it can carry a very long way with minimal effort.

This high-pitched tone dog training whistle is made in the UK, easy to blow, and the sound can travel up to an impressive range of 400 yards.

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4. SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Special Whistle

SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Whistle
Photo Credit : SportDOG

The SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Special Whistle is a standard training tool used by professional dog trainers and hunters for retriever training.

In fact, this hand-crafted dog whistle is known to train more Field Champions than any other whistles. Specifically made for dogs with sensitive hearings, fitted with a pea to produce a low-pitched “trill” sound to ensure that it can travel a greater distance to reach your dog in the field while working, hunting, or training.

Additionally, it is easy to blow and has a unique shape that directs the sound forward, meaning it will be easy on the ears.

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5. Mighty Paw Training Whistle for Dogs

Mighty Paw Training Whistle
Photo Credit : Mighty Paw

The Mighty Paw Training Whistle for Dogs is another option you can consider to teach your canine new tricks or modify their behavior.

It is an ultrasonic whistle, also known as a silent dog whistle, which produces an ultra-high frequency tone that is audible to dogs but can hardly be heard by humans, meaning it will not disturb the others. The frequency is also adjustable, giving you the ability to tune it to the right pitch that will get your four-legged friend’s attention.

This dog training whistle is made in the US and backed by dog trainers and research. We also like that it has two attachment options. You can either use its super soft lanyard to carry it around your neck or attach it to your belt loop with its retractable clip, keeping your hands free and allow you to give your pup treats when used for obedience and recall training.

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6. Acme Shepherd Mouth Whistle

Shepherd Mouth Whistle
Photo Credit : Acme

Does the Acme Shepherd Mouth Whistle look familiar to you? Yes, you are right. It is the same whistle used in the popular TV program, One Man and His Dog.

This whistle is sometimes called the Shepherd’s Lip Whistle, made of metal and coated with Nickel, and is arguably the best tool to communicate with your dog if you know how to use it. The reason is that you can control and manipulate it with your tongue to produce a wide range of pitches to signal or command your dog to perform a specific task.

This dog whistle is also a very famous tool for obedience training, hunting, retrieval, and for use at sheepdog trials.

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Best Dog Whistles

Why Use a Canine Whistle for Training?

Not everyone has the luxury to hire a dog trainer to train their pooch or correct the undesired behavior. And if that’s you, that means you will have to train your canine yourself. While there are many tools you can use like clickers to facilitate the training, dog whistles provide lots of benefits. Here are some of them.

  • It doesn’t annoy yourself and other people. One of the best things about using a dog whistle is that you will only hear a hissing sound when you blow, that’s if you choose a silent dog whistle that emits high frequency sounds like the Ortz Dog Whistle, Acme 535, and Mighty Paw Training Whistle. It gives you the ability to train your furry friend without hurting your ears and disturbing others.
  • It is more effective. Punishing your pup for doing something unacceptable isn’t the best training method anymore. The training these days focuses more on positive reinforcement, which dog whistles encourage, and this method has proven to be more effective. The reason is that dogs will be happier when they get rewarded after a desired response or action, which will, in turn, increase the likelihood of them repeating the same behavior.
  • It allows you to teach your dog new skills. A dog training whistle doesn’t just stop or help correct your dog’s bad behavior, but it also allows you to teach your dog new tricks such as sit, stay, and come, as you can easily change the way you blow the whistle. For instance, a single long blast is to tell your dog to sit, and three short blasts are to recall your dog.
  • It’s more consistent. When we are sick, tired, or feel less energetic, our voice tends to be weaker. When that happens, your fido might not understand what you are trying to tell them to do when giving them the same verbal cue as you usually would, for instance, sit. That is because your tone is different when you say the word sit. A dog whistle, on the other hand, can eliminate the inconsistent tone of voice. It will always produce the same sound, and as a result, a crystal clear command.
  • It makes communicating with your dog at a distance easier. Sure, you can raise your tone and get your dog to do something at a distance, but our voice can’t travel too far. The sound produced by dog whistles can, however, travel a lot farther. That is especially useful for hunting, although you can also use a hunting dog tracking system to train and command your dog to perform a specific task over a long distance.

Best Dog Whistle Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose?

So you have decided to buy a dog whistle for obedience or behavioral modification training? Sure, but there are a few things you need to consider. Here are some of them.

1. Types of Dog Whistles: Pea vs. Pealess vs. Ultrasonic

The first thing you need to decide is to choose between pea, pealess, or ultrasonic dog whistles.

Whistles with Pea

The upside of a pea whistle is that it allows you to trill the whistle and create different sounds by adjusting how long and hard you blow. That also means you will be able to issue various commands to your dog, which you will appreciate if you are a hunter or a shepherd.

The downside of it is your saliva can cause the bead inside to freeze at sub-zero temperatures, making it unusable until it becomes thawed. It is also not as hygienic as moisture, water, saliva, or dirt can build up in the chamber after a long period of use.

Whistles without Pea

The advantage of a pealess whistle is that the sound produced is loud and consistent, meaning your canine will be able to hear you from a farther distance, hence why pea-free whistles are often a preferred choice among professional dog trainers.

The disadvantage of it is it may hurt your ears and annoy the people around you. Plus, you can only create one sound regardless of how angry you blow into it.

Ultrasonic Dog Whistles

Ultrasonic dog whistles look nothing like traditional whistles at all. It has a unique shape that can emit sound at a frequency close to or exceed humans’ maximum hearing threshold but within dogs’. What that essentially means is it is quiet to humans but loud to our four-footed friends. You will also have the ability to tune the frequency to suit your pup.

The flip side of this type of dog training whistle is it is more expensive. It also has a shorter range, plus deaf dogs won’t be able to hear it, and not all dogs will react to it as every dog picks up sound at different frequencies.

2. Acoustic Consistency

Consistency is crucial when it comes to training your pup or correcting their unwanted behavior. That also means the acoustic output has to be the same every time you blow the whistle. But unfortunately, you won’t be able to know that until you test it yourself, and your best bet would be to choose those that are highly rated by most owners or the ones used by professional dog trainers.

3. Range

You would also want to make sure the sound can reach your dog when they are very far away from you. So it’s a good idea to take a look at how many feet the sound produced by the whistle can carry, although not all manufacturers put that down, as your canine will be in proximity in most cases.

4. Adjustable Frequency

Not all dog whistles are created equal. Some will produce a higher frequency sound, while some will emit a lower-pitched tone. And obviously, you would want to pick the one that your dog will respond to, and if you are unsure about this, then you may be better off picking those that allow you to tune the frequency, such as the Acme 535, Ortz Dog Whistle, and Mighty Paw Training Whistle.

5. Ease of Cleaning

Considering that you need to insert the whistle in your mouth, you have to factor the mouthpiece’s ease of cleaning into your decision before you purchase. Rust-proof, metal whistles are the easiest to clean, which you can put in a bowl of boiling water mixed with a teaspoon of baking powder for less than 60 seconds. A plastic whistle, on the other hand, is relatively time-consuming. You will have to soak it in a bowl of antiseptic mouthwash for 30 minutes and rinse it with cool water.

Dog Training Whistle Alternatives

Prefer to use other dog training tools? Sure, there are a few alternatives you can consider. Here are some of them.

Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrents

If the purpose of you buying a dog whistle is to try to stop your dog from barking, then you can consider an ultrasonic dog bark deterrent. Much like ultrasonic whistles, these devices emit sound at a frequency that’s close to or beyond humans’ maximum hearing capacity but is loud enough to catch your dog’s attention and deter them from barking. They are a lot easier to use, in which you can simply press the button to emit the tone.

Dog Bark Collars

Dog bark collars are another gadget designed explicitly to put an end to incessant barking. These devices are perhaps the most effective and the easiest to use when it comes to stopping dogs from barking. Instead of having to put anything in your mouth like dog whistles or press the button like ultrasonic dog bark deterrents, all you need to do is to put the device around your dog’s neck, and it will do the rest of the job for you.

Dog Shock Collars

Unlike ultrasonic bark control devices and dog bark collars, electronic collars are more versatile, allowing you to do more than just modifying unwanted barking behavior. You can use these training gadgets for leash training, correct other undesired behavior in dogs like destructive chewing, teach your furry friend to hunt, or even help your pup learn about outdoor safety!

Dog GPS Collar Trackers

You would probably think to yourself, what? How are dog GPS collar trackers the alternative to dog whistles? While it is true that most dog GPS trackers will only give you the ability to track your fido’s location, the higher-end ones are more advanced, which incorporate the technology of shock collars to let you train your dog all in one device!

What People Also Ask About Dog Whistles?

Do dog training whistles help stop barking?

The answer is, yes, it does, but only if you use it correctly. There are many misperceptions that whistles can stop dogs from barking. In fact, many people buy dog whistles as a bark deterrent or dog repellers, thinking that they will be able to scare aggressive dogs away or silence their neighbor’s yappy dogs. The truth is that whistles aren’t an anti-barking tool. They can only catch a dog’s attention, and you will have to teach your dog that when you blow the whistle, you want them to be quiet. Otherwise, you will not find any success in correcting the barking behavior! That also explains why you will often find many bad reviews for these products, saying they don’t work.

How to use a dog whistle to stop barking?

So, here is how you do it. When your dog barks, you blow the whistle (one quick blast) to deter them and reward them if they keep quiet. Then, repeat the same process every time they bark, and always use the same signal so that your fido understands what you want them to do. And they will eventually learn to associate the whistling sound with quiet behavior. Remember, the key to success in any training is consistency.

Are dog whistles effective?

Yes, if you do it correctly and consistently. All dog whistles are designed to train dogs, teach dogs new skills, and correct any unwanted behavior. But again, you will have to teach your canine the meaning of your whistle command sounds. Otherwise, it won’t work!