7 Best Dog Whistles to Stop Barking in 2021: Bark Control!

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Your dog barks excessively and it starts to bother your neighbors.

Now, you are seeking a dog whistle to help discipline your four-legged friend.

Congratulations, you have landed at the right page.

Below are the 7 top-rated dog whistles you can get today.

Alternatively, you can consider an ultrasonic dog bark control device that has a similar purpose.

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1. Ortz Dog Whistle

Ortz Dog Whistle
Photo Credit : Ortz

This dog whistle gives you the ability to talk to your pooch from a far distance instead of raising your voice. It features the adjustable frequency that allows you to train your dog to listen to multiple commands such as stop barking, sit, come and stay.

Ortz Dog Whistle comes with a protective cover to keep it clean when not in use and a high quality lanyard strap so that you don’t have to worry about misplacing. This versatile dog whistle will work regardless of breeds, age, gender, and is one of the best on the market. 

2. Acme 210 Whistle

Acme 210 Whistle (Orange)
Photo Credit : Acme

If you have never heard of Acme, the company specializes in whistles and was founded in 1870. They are also one of the most trusted brands.

This is a high tone pitch dog whistle designed and made in the UK. It is easy to blow and the frequency can go up to 750 hertz. In addition, it is fitted with a waterproof pea to produce a distinctive and different sound. Acme 210 Whistle may be a great pick up to stop your dog from barking. 

3. Acme Silent Dog Whistle

Acme Silent Dog Whistle
Photo Credit : Acme

So with this whistle, it is not really “silent”, instead it is designed to be almost inaudible to humans. Your dog will however hear really loud sounds which is why it is so popular on the market. The sound can travel up to 400 yards with very little effort and has a solid brass construction, coated with nickel to ensure it can last longer.

Acme Silent Dog Whistle is equipped with a screw piston that allows you to tune the frequencies to suit your dog, along with the air directors that help to control the frequency produced. This is a very powerful dog whistle you may want to consider. 

4. SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Whistle

SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Whistle
Photo Credit : SportDOG

SportDOG is a reputable brand that produces outdoor gear for dogs. The company was founded in 2003 and is known for their high quality GPS trackers.

This dog whistle has been widely used by both professional dog trainers and dog owners. It has a pea in it to produce a lower-pitched sound that can travel far enough to reach your dog. Also, it is designed to be easy to blow so that the training will be more effective.

SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Whistle is one of the top rated whistles that can help train your dog to stop barking. 

5. Mighty Paw Training Whistle

Mighty Paw Training Whistle
Photo Credit : Mighty Paw

Featuring ultra high frequencies that will not disturb the people around you, but can be easily heard by dogs. It offers an easier way for calling your pooch to come to you without frustration. Most importantly, it helps to train your dog to stop barking or to teach them new tricks.

Mighty Paw Training Whistle has 2 attachment options. You can either use the super soft lanyard to carry it around your neck or the retractable clip to attach it to your belt loop. This is a great dog whistle that is backed by dog trainers and research. 

6. Forepets Dog Training Whistle

Forepets Dog Training Whistle
Photo Credit : Forepets

This dog whistle provides you full control over your dog whenever they act up. You can easily blow it to stop the unnecessary barking or simply to call them for dinner. Additionally, you can adjust the whistle’s frequencies to suit your dog’s hearing since different breeds respond differently.

Forepets Dog Training Whistle has dual anti loss features, a unique locking nut and a snap on cover with free lanyard to make sure you won’t lose it. This is a great tool to discipline your dog or to teach them some basic skills. 

7. Acme Shepherd Mouth Whistle

Shepherd Mouth Whistle
Photo Credit : Acme

Does this look familiar to you? Yes you are right, this is the whistle that is used in the popular TV program, One Man and his Dog. It is sometimes called the Shepherd’s Lip Whistle, made of metal and coated with Nickel.

This is arguably the best tool to communicate with your dog and is great for training if you know how to use it properly. Acme Shepherd Mouth Whistle can produce a wide range of pitches that can be easily controlled and manipulated with tongue. 

Why Use a Dog Whistle?

Not everyone has the luxury to hire a dog trainer to correct their pooch’s undesired behavior. This is when a dog whistle comes into play and below are the benefits of it.

  • Doesn’t annoy other people. One of the best things about a dog whistle is that you will only hear a hissing sound when you blow, it gives you the ability to train your dog without disturbing other people. Unlike the traditional whistle which creates a really annoying noise.
  • More effective. Instead of punishing your dog for doing something unacceptable, a dog whistle can help discipline them in a more humane way. It wouldn’t harm your dog and encourage positive reinforcement. This means the training will be more effective as they understand they will get rewarded if they behave properly.
  • Learn new skills. It doesn’t just stop your dog’s bad behavior, but also allows you to teach your dog new tricks such as sit, stay and come. Reason is that you can easily change the way you blow the whistle. For example, a single long blast is to tell your dog to sit, and three short blasts is to recall your dog.
  • It’s more consistent. When we are sick, tired or feel less energetic, our voice tends to be weaker. When that happens, and if you are giving the same command as you normally would to your dog “sit”, they might not get what you are trying to tell them. This is because the tone is different when you say the word “sit”. A dog whistle on the other hand always produces the same sound, hence a clearer command.

How to Choose the Best Dog Whistle?

Yes, a dog whistle can help train your dog or to discourage them from misbehaving such as excessive barking, but what are the factors that you need to think about before you buy one? Read on and you will find out. You may also want to consider a training book to make sure it is effective. 

1. Sound Consistency

When it comes to correcting your dog’s unwanted behavior, first they will need to understand your command. This also means the sound produced by the dog whistle needs to be consistent. Otherwise, how do you want your dog to understand what you are trying to teach them if the output is different every time you blow the whistle? 

2. Range

You will also want to make sure the sound can reach your dog, this is important if you have a big house or a big yard. Acme Silent Dog Whistle is especially great as its sound is known to be able to travel up to 400 yards. 

3. Adjustable Frequency

Consider dog whistles that allow you to adjust the frequency like the Ortz Dog Whistle and Forepets Dog Training Whistle. This is because all dogs react differently to different frequencies and this can ensure your training is effective. 

4. Easy to Clean and Use

Remember, you will need to put the whistle in your mouth. So it has to be easy to clean to prevent bacteria buildup. It may also be a good idea to consider whistles that are easy to blow like the Acme 210 Whistle and SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Whistle

What People Also Ask About Dog Whistles?

Do Dog Whistles Help Stop Barking?

The answer is, yes, it does and only if you use it the right way. So, what do I mean by the “right way”? There are a lot of misperceptions that whistle can stop dogs from barking right after it is blown. Keep in mind that the whistle can only catch your dog’s attention, and if you don’t teach them what you mean when you blast it, you are not going to correct that behavior!

So, here is how you do it. When your dog barks, you blow the whistle to deter them and reward them if they keep quiet. Then, repeat the same process every time they bark, and remember to always use the same signal so that they understand what you want them to do. Eventually your dog will learn to stop barking. 

Are Silent Dog Whistles Effective?

Yes, if you do it properly and consistently. Remember, all dog whistles have the same purpose, which is to train your dog, whether it is to teach them new skills or to correct their behavior. The reason why silent dog whistles are so popular is because the sound travels farther which allows you to command your dog over a longer distance. 

Are Dog Whistles Cruel?

Dog whistles are designed to train your dog safely. That said, if you blow it right next to your dog’s ears, then that is going to be an issue. So, make sure you use it properly and responsibly!