12 Best Dog Friendly Hikes in Los Angeles and Beyond

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The best part of living in Los Angeles is that there are always things to do, and you will never get bored.

And with plenty of hiking trails available, you can easily get away from the busy city if needed.

What’s more important is that lots of trails allow dogs.

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Below you will find the 12 best dog-friendly hikes in Los Angeles and beyond!

1. Runyon Canyon Trail

The Runyon Canyon Trail is a very popular 2.7-mile loop trail located in the middle of Hollywood, offering beautiful views of the city, the Hollywood sign, San Gabriel Mountains, and the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island on a clear day. This dog-friendly hiking trail has no shade and can be slippery, so make sure to bring plenty of water and wear shoes with a good grip.

2. Bronson Caves

This trail is only about 0.6 miles round trip and will lead you to one of the most famous attractions in Griffith Park, the Bronson Caves! It is best known as the bat cave from the 1960s Batman TV series and has been a filming location for many other movies like the Army of Darkness. A must-visit place, especially if you are a Batman fan.

3. Fryman Canyon Trail

The Fryman Canyon Trail is another popular trail that welcomes dogs, located near Studio City. It can get lots of traffic, particularly on the weekends. So you would probably want to get there early to avoid the crowd. This trail is approximately 2.6 miles, easy to follow, and you will have great views of the San Fernando Valley.

4. Elysian Park West Loop Trail

Want a convenient dog-friendly hike? Check out the Elysian Park West Loop Trail located near downtown. It is roughly 2.3 miles, and the elevation gain is minimal. A pretty easy hike with spectacular views of the Valley and downtown Los Angeles, making it perfect for people and dogs of all skill levels.

5. Temescal Canyon Trail

The Temescal Canyon Trail is a 3-mile loop trail near Pacific Palisades. Doing this anticlockwise may be a better option as there is shade on the incline. And when you are on your way back via the Temescal Ridge Trail, you will be rewarded with amazing views of the Santa Monica Mountains, downtown Los Angeles, the Pacific Ocean, and Catalina Island.

6. Eaton Canyon Trail

Being one of the best hikes in Los Angeles, the Eaton Canyon Trail in Eaton Canyon Natural Area Park can get very crowded. It is a short 3.5-mile out-and-back trail that features a gorgeous 40-foot waterfall at the end. The elevation gain is only about 440 feet, and there are no steep sections at all, making it relatively easy even for casual hikers.

7. Franklin Canyon Trail

Another place that you can hike with your furry friend is the Franklin Canyon Trail. You will see a beautiful three-acre reservoir and a little pond with lots of ducks, turtles, and coy fish. It is only about 2 miles and has plenty of shade, a great spot to take kids and pups that don’t have much stamina.

8. Sandstone Peak Loop Trail

If you prefer a longer hike, then look into the Sandstone Peak Loop Trail located near Malibu. It is roughly 5.8 miles, and you will have spectacular views of the San Gabriel Mountains, Santa Susana Mountains, Santa Ana Mountains, and Catalina Island on a clear day. There is very little to no shade, be sure to bring plenty of water to keep both you and your fido hydrated.

9. Corral Canyon Loop

Are you looking for hiking trails with ocean views? Check out the 2.4-mile Corral Canyon Loop in the beach city, Malibu. While it is not a long trail, there are some decent climbs, and you will get a bit of workout. What’s more, you will enjoy the cool breezes on your face and have stunning views of the canyons and ocean.

10. Solstice Canyon Loop

The Solstice Canyon Loop in Malibu is a popular hiking trail that offers panoramic views of the ocean. It is about 3.2 miles and will lead you and your four-legged friend to the oldest existing stone building in Malibu. It will also take you to the ruins of a mansion, known as Tropical Terrace. And just beyond the mansion ruins, there is a small constant-flowing waterfall.

11. Zuma Canyon Loop

Want a strenuous workout? Check out the Zuma Canyon Loop in Malibu. It is approximately 10.7 miles with a couple of challenging climbs, but you and your furkid will have sweeping views of the ocean and mountains. Also, it has no shade, and given the length of the trail, going early in the morning or late evening is probably a good idea.

12. Escondido Falls Trail

If you happen to drive down to Malibu and have a bit of time for a hike, don’t miss out on the 3.8-mile Escondido Falls Trail that will lead you to the tallest waterfall in Santa Monica Mountains. It is an easy hike to the lower falls, and climbing up to the upper falls can be challenging as it has a lot of loose rocks and dirt. Make sure to take your time and watch your footing. Note that the water flow is seasonal, so it’s best to visit after a rainstorm.


One of the trail etiquettes you need to keep in mind is that you should leave no trace. Always pick after your furry friend to protect nature. Remember to bring plenty of water, particularly if the trail has no shade. And to make the experience more enjoyable, take a look at our tips for hiking with dogs. Lastly, we hope you find this post helpful and enjoy the hike!