The Complete Dog Hiking Gear List

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Planning to go for a hike with your furry friend this weekend?

Now you are probably scratching your head and thinking what else do you need to bring for your dog except the basics such as food and water. Don’t worry, this is why we are here for.

We have made it simpler for you and below is all the dog hiking gear you need to pack for your pooch.

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1. Leash

Dog on Leash

This is perhaps the most important gear that you have to bring regardless of how well your dog walks off-leash.

It helps to secure your dog and prevent them from straying off the trail. It doesn’t just keep them safe, but also to protect nature such as the native wildlife and plants.

Additionally, there might be rules that your dog needs to be leashed, so make sure you have it with you before you hit the road. 

2. Collar, Harness or Backpack

Hiking Dog on Harness

The next thing that you would want to bring is, of course, the gear that allows you to attach the leash to.

We would recommend using a harness over a collar. The reason being it is more comfortable and safer for your dog. Imagine when your furry friend gets too excited on the trail and lunges at other pooches pass by. With a hiking harness, it will spread the pressure across their body which is safer.

Whereas if you use a collar, it poses a higher risk of neck injuries.

Now, if you plan for an extended hike and are thinking of bringing more stuff, a hiking backpack may be a smarter choice. This is because you can let your dog carry their own essentials such as food, water, and toys. Not to mention it can help build their strength and stamina due to the extra weight put on them. 

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3. Dog Hiking Boots

MyBusyDog Hiking Boots
Photo Credit : MyBusyDog

Dog hiking boots are something often overlooked by most people. In fact, they are equally important.

Put it this way, would you want to hike barefoot?

The answer is a big “NO” for sure, at least for us. The same goes for dogs, letting them hike without boots is simply too dangerous for them. Remember, their paw pads aren’t invulnerable. 

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4. GPS Tracker

Best Dog GPS Trackers

There is a possibility that your dog would go after things they are interested in when you are not paying attention and don’t know how to make their way back to you.

This is why you should also consider bringing a GPS tracker so that you are able to quickly locate their location in case that happens.

This is especially crucial if your dog is not microchipped. 

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5. Identification Tag

Dog Tag
Photo Credit : PetANTastic

Similar to GPS trackers, this is another way of getting your dog back to you if they are lost.

So make sure all your information is updated as you want people to be able to reach you if somehow your dog decided to explore alone. 

6. First Aid Kit

Dog First Aid Kit

This is a must-have essential. The reason is that you will never know what will happen during your hike.

First aid kit allows you to treat your dog in time if they are injured. Also, you don’t want to delay the treatment and lead to any complications. 

7. Tick Remover and Insect Repellent

Tick on Dog

There will also be ticks on the trail and they may carry bacteria and unwanted disease that can be transmitted to your dog. The most common one is the Lyme disease which can cause pain and irritations.

So make sure to bring tweezers or a tick remover to prevent that from happening. Another way to keep ticks away from your dog is by using an insect repellent. 

8. Poop Bags

Leash and Clean the Dog Poo

Pick up after your dog is a courtesy. Imagine yourself encountering dog’s poop during your hike, how would you feel?

Not only are they unpleasant to look at, but can endanger both the wild animals and other dogs. Ensure to bring enough bags with you for the day.

9. Water Bottle or Collapsible Water Bowl

Dog Drinking

You should never let your dog drink the water on the trail such as from rivers and lakes. This is because the water could be contaminated.

Always bring your own and don’t forget about the portable water bottle

10. Life Jacket and Towel

Best Dog Life Jacket
Photo Credit : EzyDog

If you also plan to let your dog swim, we would recommend you to bring a life jacket for them. This is to make sure that they are safe while allowing them to enjoy themselves in water.

And remember, you will also need to bring a towel so that you can dry your dog after swims. It will also come in handy if it rains.

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11. Attachable Dog Flashlight

Dog Collar Flashlight
Photo Credit : RuffWear

There are a few extra things that you will need to bring if you want to stay overnight.

First, it’s the attachable flashlight. This can be very helpful as it makes it easy for you to spot your dog in a low light environment, hence keeping them safe. 

12. Tent

Camping with Dog

This is pretty obvious to point out, but you will for sure need a shelter. A proper place where you and your dog can sleep comfortably. So make sure the camping tent is ticked in your checklist before you head out. 

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13. Dog Sleeping Bed

Dog Outdoor Bed

Lastly, an outdoor dog bed.

We would say this is optional since you already have a tent. But it is still worth mentioning because it can make it even more comfortable for your dog to sleep at night. If you think you can easily handle the weight, then why not? 

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