6 Best Dog Bike Baskets & Carriers (2023 Reviews)

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If you are an avid cyclist who also owns a dog, the chances are you will also want to bring your pup on a bike ride.

Good news!

There are these dog carriers for bikes that you can attach to the front of your bicycle to share the biking experience with your cute little friend!

Here are our top 6 picks for dog bike baskets and carriers in 2023!

In A Rush? Here Are the Best Dog Bike Basket Quick Picks:

Rating Products Types of Bike Carriers For Dogs Up To
Editor's Choice PetSafe Solvit Tagalong Pet Bike Basket Front Basket 13 lbs
Most Affordable Anzome Bike Basket Front Basket 11 lbs
Best Strap-On Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket for Dogs Front Basket 15 lbs
Best Multi-Function Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket Front Basket 10 lbs
Premium Pick (Sturdiest) Travelin K9 Pet-Pilot MAX Dog Bicycle Basket Carrier Front Basket 25 lbs
Best Rear-Mounted Bike Basket Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat Rear Basket 24 lbs

1. PetSafe Solvit Tagalong Pet Bike Basket

PetSafe Solvit Tagalong Pet Bike Basket
Photo Credit : PetSafe

The PetSafe Solvit Tagalong Pet Bike Basket is one of the most popular options on the market, with its breathable resin wicker construction to ensure that your four-footed friend can travel along in classic style.

It is made of weather-resistant rattan wicker, with a soft fleece inner liner and a removable sunshade to help keep your pup comfortable. It also has a unique three-way adjustment bracket system designed to be easy for you to put on and off your bicycle without pinching the brake cables.

Also made with your dog’s safety in mind, this front dog bike basket comes with an adjustable safety leash to keep your furkid secure and prevent them from jumping out of it while riding. We also like that the faux-sheepskin liner is removable and machine washable.


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2. Anzome Bike Basket

Anzome Bike Basket
Photo Credit : Anzome

The Anzome Bike Basket is a multifunctional dog bicycle basket with a simple and easy to use design. Not only does it allow you to hit the road with your pup, but you can also use it for grocery shopping.

It is made of a sturdy metal frame and wear-resistant oxford fabric to ensure it can stand up to daily wear and tear, with a quick-release handlebar mount that allows you to put it on your bike with ease. Plus, it has four polyurethane stands on the bottom to prevent soiling while you leave it on the floor or any surfaces.

Additionally, this front-mounted basket is waterproof and comes with a sturdy handle and two inside pockets that you can keep things like your keys and phone.

And the best part? This is the most affordable dog bike basket out of all the other brands and models we recommend, with a price tag of under $30! So if you’re looking for a way to take your pup on bike rides without breaking the bank, this is definitely an option worth considering.


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3. Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket for Dogs

Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket for Dogs
Photo Credit : Snoozer

The Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket for Dogs is another top-rated dog bike carrier you can consider, designed for dogs up to 15 pounds.

It is made of durable microfiber, with a removable inner pad and chin rest to ensure your dog can rest comfortably during the ride, as well as a rain cover for added protection. It also includes an internal clip to keep your canine safe, along with straps to attach it to your bike’s handlebar.

Additionally, this front bike basket comes with multiple pockets, allowing you to store your dog’s water bottle, leash, and treats. And when not in use, you can easily fold it flat for compact storage.


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4. Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket

Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket
Photo Credit : Petsfit

Another high-quality front bike carrier for dogs is the Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket, designed with convenience and functionality in mind.

It is made of durable Oxford material to provide maximum support and long-lasting use, with a reinforced frame to keep your dog from sliding down. It also has a drawstring mesh top to allow for adequate airflow, ensuring that it won’t get too hot and humid in summer, and at the same time, preventing your pup from jumping out of it. As if that wasn’t secure enough, there’s an inner safety leash that you can clip to your dog’s harness.

Additionally, it has ample pockets for storing your dog’s treats, toys, leashes, and whatnot. What also makes this soft-sided dog bike basket stand out from the rest is that it comes with a padded shoulder strap that allows you to convert it to a pet carrier or shoulder bag. Plus, it has a double-use mat with a plush side to help your canine stay warm in winter and a nylon side to keep your dog cool during the warmer months.


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5. Travelin K9 Pet-Pilot MAX Dog Bicycle Basket Carrier

Travelin K9 Pet-Pilot MAX Dog Bicycle Basket Carrier
Photo Credit : Travelin K9

You probably have already noticed most front dog bike baskets can only handle small dogs who weigh less than 20 pounds. However, the Travelin K9 Pet-Pilot MAX Dog Bicycle Basket Carrier is the rare one. It can carry dogs up to 25 pounds without swaying!

Made of a durable, powder-coated steel frame and a unique patented handlebar mount with rubber bushings and a stabilizer bar to provide a smoother ride for your furkid. Plus, it has a big triangle-shaped air vent to flush out hot trapped air, coupled with a padded foam floor and soft, fuzzy sherpa lining for maximum comfort.

This front bicycle basket also has a reflective siding and a two-point, chrome clasp safety leash to ensure your four-legged friend is safe during the ride. It also comes with two side pockets for holding water bottles, treats, and leashes, along with two side panel rings to attach things like safety lights and keys.


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6. Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat

Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat
Photo Credit : Snoozer

Unlike most dog bike baskets, the Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat needs to be installed on the bike rack and is suitable for carrying slightly heavier dogs who weigh up to 24 pounds.

It has a foam form plywood reinforced base that offers good stability, with a three-point safety strap inside it to keep your dog secure. Plus, there’s an orange reflective strip on the outside to ensure other cyclists can see you.

This rear-mounted dog basket for bikes also comes with a removable fleece cover that is machine washable and dryer friendly. What’s more, it includes a 1-year limited warranty!


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Best Dog Bike Basket

Why Should You Get a Front Dog Bicycle Basket or a Rear-Mounted Bike Carrier for Dogs?

The most apparent reason why you should buy a dog bike basket is that it gives your fido a chance to explore the great outdoors without having to exert too much energy! Apart from that, below are some other reasons why you should be using one.

  • Your dog can’t keep up with you. Sure, biking with your dog on a leash is fun, but not all dogs can keep up. Whether it is due to them having joint problems or simply because they don’t have enough stamina, that doesn’t mean they have to stay home. A dog bike basket allows your canine to join you on your biking adventure they deserve.
  • Your dog is recovering from an injury. What if your active pup would love to bike with you but got injured recently and is still recovering? Letting your injured dog run or walk alongside your bicycle will do more harm than good, which will slow down the healing process! That’s when a dog bike carrier can come in handy.
  • To help protect your dog’s paws. Another reason why you need to get your furkid a bicycle basket is that it can keep your dog’s paws safe from road pebbles, broken glass, and twigs, although you can get them to wear a pair of doggie booties to protect their feet from sharp objects on the road.

Which Types of Dogs Do Best in Pet Bike Baskets?

Pet bike baskets are best for dogs who are calm and chill as anxious dogs may get too stressed, freaked out, and try to leap out of the carrier, which is not what you would want.

That said, taking nervous dogs on a bike ride is not entirely impossible. You will just need to train them to acclimate to it and be patient, as it may take some time for them to learn how to enjoy riding in a carrier.

You also notice most bike baskets are only designed for dogs under 20 pounds, meaning these carriers are only suitable for small and toy size breeds. And if you have a large dog who would like to bike with you, you will have to invest in a dog bicycle trailer instead, which allows you to pull your big dog behind your bike.

Dog Baskets for Bikes Buying Guide: Things to Consider

There are a few things you need to consider when picking a bike carrier for your dog. Here are some of them.

1. Types of Dog Bicycle Baskets and Carriers: Hard vs. Soft

  • Hard Dog Baskets. Hard dog bike baskets are made of high-quality metal, wicker, or plastics. They have a simple design and are sturdy, safer, and the easiest to clean after a long ride. They also have plenty of ventilation, which your canine will surely enjoy the breeze in their face and through their fur.
  • Soft Dog Baskets. Soft dog bicycle baskets are typically made of soft nylon fabric and have a solid bottom for support. They are more feature-rich, usually have side pockets, mesh water bottle holders, carry handles, and shoulder straps for maximum convenience. But they are harder to clean due to the material used.

2. Positioning: Front vs. Rear

Front Mounted vs Rear Mounted
Caption: Front vs Rear

Most bike baskets are made to attach to the bike’s handlebars, while some are designed to sit on the back rack.

The benefit of a front dog basket is that it will make it easy for you to monitor your dog since they are just sitting in front of you. One thing, though, adding additional weight to the front of your bike may make steering more difficult.

A rear bike basket, on the other hand, can carry slightly heavier dogs. The only problem with this type of basket is that you lose constant vision of your dog.

3. Size of Your Bike

Another important thing you need to check before purchasing is the size of your bicycle. Most people often overlook this and have to go through all the hassles of returning the product if it doesn’t fit.

So make sure to measure the place where you intended to attach the carrier. For instance, if you plan to get a front-mounted dog bike basket, you would want to measure your bicycle’s handlebar width and the vertical distance from the center of the bar to the top of your front tire.

4. Size and Weight Capacity

Then you would want to check the carrier’s size and weight restrictions. Make sure the one you choose can accommodate your dog, and ensure your pup can sit, lie down, and turn around in the basket comfortably. Need help with measuring your furkid for a bike carrier? Check this guide out.

5. Harness Anchors

It’s also a better idea to select a bike carrier that comes with an inbuilt safety leash or a harness attachment. That way, you can lock your four-legged friend inside the basket to prevent them from jumping out and hurting themselves.

6. Dome or Mesh Tops

Instead of only relying on an interior lead to secure your dog, some products have more safety features, like the Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket and Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket. Equipped with an extra mesh opening or a dome to keep your dog from jumping overboard, which may make them a better option, especially if you know your pup will get overly excited when taking them out for a ride.

7. Comfort

You would want to make sure your dog is comfortable while riding inside. So look for a dog bike carrier that has plenty of ventilation, and if you often ride in an open area, it’s probably a good idea to choose the one that comes with a sunshade to keep them cool, like the PetSafe Solvit Tagalong Pet Bike Basket.

8. Pockets

If you also plan to take your furry friend out for longer rides, you will most likely need to bring along their food, water bottle, and treats. So it’s always great to choose a bike carrier that comes with pockets that make carrying those items possible.

9. Multi-Use Baskets

While many dog bike baskets only have one purpose, some are very versatile. Essentially, these multifunctional bicycle carriers allow you to convert them to a car seat, dog bed, or dog carrier, helping you to make the most out of your money!

How to Train Your Pup to Ride in a Front-Mounted or a Rear-Mounted Bicycle Basket?

First, you will have to introduce your fido to the bike basket. You can do this by leaving the carrier on the floor and use their favorite treats to lure them in. Once they are comfortable with it, you can then mount it on your bicycle and start pushing it slowly with your dog inside.

The purpose of that is to get them used to the movement. As soon as you notice your furkid is chill while being pushed inside the basket, that means you can now start pedaling! Keep it slow and avoid uneven surfaces so that they can enjoy the ride. 

Safety Tips for Using a Dog Basket for Bikes

Dog Bike Basket Safety Tips - Attach to Harness
Photo Credit : PetSafe
  • Follow the weight limitations and ensure the basket is attached correctly. The last thing that you want to hope for is the carrier falling to the ground while riding. So make sure to never go over the weight restrictions and check if it is fitted and secured to your bicycle correctly before you hit the road.
  • Always use the safety lead. Even the calmest dog can get distracted when seeing other dogs or squirrels and decide to hop out of the basket, which is why many carriers have an interior safety leash to help keep them in place. Ensure to fasten your dog in and always clip it to a harness, as using a collar can potentially choke your dog if they try to jump out.
  • Ride slower than you usually would. Remember that you now have extra weight added to your bike (your dog and the carrier). That also means it will be more difficult for you to stop or turn. So it’s a good idea to ride at a slower pace than you used to for safety purposes.
  • Consider investing in dog eye protection. Although you won’t be riding too fast, the wind can still dry out your canine’s eyes pretty quickly. Not to mention, there are also things like dust, debris, pebbles, and other flying objects that can get into their eyes. One way to protect them is by investing in dog goggles.
  • Never leave your dog unattended. Your dog can become very stressed without you in public. Also, think about things that could potentially happen when you are not around. There may be unwanted attention from strangers or curious kids screaming and poking at them, which you surely don’t want any of those to happen. So, never leave their side when they are in the basket.

Other Options for Traveling With Your Dog

If you are looking for a bicycle basket to take your furry friend out for bike rides, the chances are that you would also be interested in other doggie travel options to hang out with them.

1. Dog Bike Trailers

Dog bicycle trailers are an alternative to pet bicycle baskets, specially designed for medium and large size dogs to enjoy free bike rides without having to let them run next to your bicycle. And you will be hauling your dog behind you instead of letting them sit in front of you.

2. Airline Approved Pet Carriers

Airline approved dog carriers are gears that allow your canine to travel with you on the plane, and you will find two types of airline compliant dog carriers on the market. One is made for small dogs to stick around with you in-cabin, and another one is designed for large dogs to ride in the cargo.

3. Dog Slings

Another way to hang out with your pup is by using dog slings. These carriers are essentially like baby sling carriers, consisting of a strap and a pocket that goes around your shoulder, allowing you to carry toy breeds or very small dogs on your hip against your stomach.

4. Dog Carrier Backpacks

A dog backpack, on the other hand, is made for small and medium-sized dog breeds. And the reason why these dog carrier backpacks are so popular these days, particularly for hiking, is that they let you carry your fido on your back and usually have plenty of pockets for you to bring along your dog essentials.

5. Dog Strollers

Large dogs don’t necessarily need to miss out on all the fun! You can use a dog stroller instead to push them around. While most owners mainly use them to transport their old or disabled dogs who have trouble walking, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving your young, healthy fur friend a lift!

6. Dog Car Harnesses

When taking your four-legged pal out on car rides, one thing that you will surely need is a dog car harness. It is like a human seat belt that allows you to secure them in the back seat and minimize distractions while you drive. In fact, it is the law in some states in the US that you need to use one of these harnesses while driving with your pooch.

Dog Carriers for Bikes FAQ

1. Is it safe for dogs to ride in bike baskets?

Yes, it is safe for dogs to travel in bicycle carriers as they typically come with an interior safety lead to prevent dogs from jumping out mid-ride. That said, you would want to make sure to introduce your pup to the basket and let them get accustomed to it first before taking them out.

2. Can these dog carriers fit on any bicycles?

You shouldn’t have any problems fitting dog carriers to most bikes, especially for utility and hybrid bikes. However, if you have bikes designed for recreation and competition, such as aero bikes, endurance bikes, and race bikes, you may want to measure the space between the handlebar and the fender or the top of the front tire before buying one of these dog baskets.

3. What is the best way to carry a dog on a bike?

The best way to carry a dog on a bike is with a specially designed basket or trailer, with baskets being better suited for smaller breeds while trailers are best for bigger dogs. Whichever option you choose, ensure it is securely attached to your bicycle and that your dog is securely fastened before you start riding.

4. Are front or rear dog bike baskets better?

Front bike baskets for dogs are better since you’ll have easier access to your pup and be able to keep an eye on them for safety. And as long as your dog is small and lightweight enough that their weight won’t affect your handling, a front bike basket is a perfect choice. But if you have a larger dog or need to carry more items, a rear-mounted basket might be better suited for your needs.