6 Best Service Dog Harnesses in 2023

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As you may have already known, service dogs are trained to perform specific tasks to aid people with disabilities.

And if you have a service dog, you may want to consider getting them a work uniform.

While it is not necessary, there are lots of benefits of using it, which we will talk about down below.

Here you will find the 6 best service dog harnesses in 2023.

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1. Industrial Puppy Service Dog Vest

Industrial Puppy Service Dog Vest
Photo Credit : Industrial Puppy

When it comes to service dog harness, the Industrial Puppy is one of the top choices as it is highly versatile. You can easily remove the patches when your dog is not working, meaning it can function as a harness for grocery shopping or veterinarian visits as well. Also, it can accommodate the detachable pouches that allow for easy access to things like medicine, poop bags, and keys.

It is durable, made of weatherproof materials so that it can withstand everyday use. Equipped with a welded D-ring on the back for attaching the leash, and a nylon handle for better control. Additionally, the straps are adjustable to keep your dog comfortable while they are at work, plus reflective bands for increased visibility in a dim light situation.

2. Chai's Choice Service Dog Vest Harness

Chai's Choice Service Dog Vest Harness
Photo Credit : Chai's Choice

One glance at the Chai’s Choice, you notice it also has the hook and loop on the sides where you can attach the removable service dog patches so that people know they are working. It is easy to fit, made of scratch-resistant polyester with lightweight Duraflex buckle and large loading capacity for enhanced durability and higher tensile strength.

This harness is also comfortable for your service dog to put on thanks to its ergonomic design, and the soft sponge padding in the inner layer. On top of that, the straps are adjustable, and it includes an aluminum D-ring and a sturdy nylon handle on top, plus reflective 3M Scotchlite piping to ensure high visibility at night. 

3. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness
Photo Credit : Icefang

As soon as you look at it, you know it is designed for rugged use. It features the 1050D nylon with a water-resistant coating to stand up to wear and tear, yet the soft ventilated mesh padding on the inside for comfort.

What makes it a great service dog harness is that it employs a MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system, which allows you to attach the patches and carry extra gear that they may need for work.

The ICEFANG has 2 leash attachment points, one on the back is for everyday use, while the front clip gives you the ability to train your dog without having to put too much strain on their neck.

Additionally, it includes 2 metal buckles on the shoulders, which has proven to be able to withstand a load of up to 1000 pounds, and 2 POM buckles on the belly that pass the 250 pounds proof-load test, making it strong enough to handle most dog breeds. 

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4. Working Service Dog Premium Emotional Support Dog ESA Mesh Vest

Working Service Dog Premium Emotional Support Dog ESA Mesh Vest
Photo Credit : Working Service Dog

Thanks to the large, highly visible metallic patch with the words ‘Emotional Support Animal’ sewn on the harness, it makes it very clear that your dog is to provide comfort and support in forms of affection and companionship to alleviate the symptoms of the disability.

The Working Service Dog is lightweight and has breathable mesh on the sides to help your dog remain cool at all times, which means it is ideal for all-year-round use. It includes a built-in leash attachment and a quick-release belly buckle to secure your pooch, as well as adjustable girth and chest straps to achieve a snug fit. 

5. Fairwin Service Vest Dog Harness

Fairwin Service Vest Dog Harness
Photo Credit : Fairwin

Similar to the Industrial Puppy and Chai’s Choice, it comes with removable service dog patches, which the wording is also reflective to keep your dog safe at night. It is sturdy and made of fast-drying fabric, combined with breathable mesh lining to ensure it is comfortable to put on.

Also, the Fairwin has a stainless steel D-ring for attaching the leash, and an upgraded top-mounted handle for better control. Additionally, the straps are adjustable, meaning you can easily customize it to your dog for a proper fit. 

6. Plutus Pet Emotional Support Dog Vest

Plutus Pet Emotional Support Dog Vest
Photo Credit : Plutus Pet

This is another harness that has 2 patches embroidered with the words ‘Emotional Support Animal’ for dogs that are to provide support or aid to the mentally ill person, making it clear that they are at work so that other people don’t distract them. And when they are off the clock, you can easily remove the patches.

The Plutus Pet is lightweight and made of mesh lining to ensure comfort. Also, the chest and girth straps are adjustable to allow for a custom fit, not to mention it is easy to put on and take off. With the reflective strips, it is also capable of keeping your dog visible at night. Despite all that, the harness is very budget-friendly. 

Why Use a Service Dog Harness?

Guide Dog Only
Caption : Guide Dogs Only

Service dogs are not just the usual companions. They are specially trained to help individuals with mobility issues, alerting the hearing impaired, pulling a wheelchair, or even provide comfort to the person with anxiety issues.

That’s why it is crucial to have them put on their uniform so that they can perform better while assisting the disability.

  • Do not disturb.
    One of the reasons to use a service dog harness is to minimize the distraction. When your dog puts on their harness with the service dog badges, you are essentially telling people that they are on duty, ultimately alerting people not to pet or speak to them. It is vital because you need them to focus, especially that they are helping individuals with special needs.
  • Easier to get into business premises.
    While regular dogs may find it hard to access many public places, service dogs with the proper gear have special privileges to get into those areas such as entering a restaurant, medical or dental offices, or even travel with you in the cabin of an airplane.
  • To help your dog focus.
    Another benefit of using a service dog harness is that it can help your dog to stay focused, basically telling your canine that it’s work time and not to run around and play fetch or chase squirrels.
  • People are more comfortable.
    As you know, not everyone is comfortable with dogs. A service dog harness helps people to stay calm and relaxed as they know that your pooch is well mannered and disciplined. 

What to Look for When Buying a Service Dog Vest?

Labrador Guide Dog - Service Dog
Caption : Service Dog and the Disabled Owner

When it comes to picking a service dog harness for your four-legged friend, there are some features you need to consider. 

1. Size

It is vital to choose the right size to ensure it doesn’t cause any discomfort to your dog while they are at work. Check the manufacturer’s sizing chart and make sure you measure your dog correctly before you purchase. 

2. Comfort

One thing to note is that your dog will need to wear it for long hours. So, look for features that can help keep your furry friend comfortable at all times, such as adjustable straps, padding, and breathable materials. 

3. Easy to Put On and Take Off

You may need to put on and remove the vest frequently throughout the day. So, consider those with a simple closing mechanism, which can save you the hassle from going through the additional steps of securing your pooch. 

4. Design

It may also be a good idea to look for harnesses that allow you to attach extra pouches such as the Industrial Puppy and ICEFANG. That can be very helpful as it gives you the ability to carry things like treats, water, poop bags, and medicine. 

5. Reflective Stitching

Another feature you may want to look for is if the harness has reflective trims such as the Industrial Puppy, Chai’s Choice, Fairwin, and Plutus Pet. The purpose is to make it easier for people to see your dog, especially in a low-light situation, ultimately keeping them safe.

6. Removable Patches

Consider service vests with removable patches. That way, you don’t have to swap it out for a different harness when they are off work. That also means you can use it for daily walks and veterinarian visits, hence easier for you. 

Frequently Asked Question About the Service Dog Harness

1. Can I buy a service dog vest?

Yes, you can. Anyone can easily buy it online. However, it is imperative to note that it is illegal to fake a service dog in some states, which can end up getting fined and or imprisoned.

2. Do service dog vests have to be red?

There are no rules stating that the service dog vest has to be red, yet the most common colors are red, blue, orange, and green.

3. Can emotional support dogs wear a service dog harness?

The answer is no, hence why there are harnesses with patches embroidered with the words ‘Emotional Support Animal’. Also, support dogs are not classified as service dogs under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) since they are not specifically trained to assist individuals with disabilities. That said, emotional support dogs have the privilege to live in ‘No Pet’ housing and fly with you in the cabin.