How to Put on a Dog Harness

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There are many good reasons why a dog harness is great for securing your pooch, but the question here is, how do you put it on? Well, that depends on the type of harness you have. You notice there are lots of different harnesses on the market, and you often hear people talk about escape-proof harnesses, or harnesses designed for running, hiking, skijoring and any other activities.

Essentially, all that comes down to two designs, which is the overhead and step-in. And below, we will talk you through how to put on both types step by step.

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Overhead Dog Harness

Dog on Harness and Collar
  1. First, ensure you have your furry friend in a standing position. The reason is that dogs have a bigger chest circumference when they sit down, meaning the harness may be a bit too loose after tightening the straps, which they may have enough room to slip out.
  2. Then, unbuckle the harness and locate where the back leash attachment is, and that should be facing up.
  3. Next, look for the neck hole, slip it through your dog’s head, subsequently, put one of the paws through the leg loop, and the other strap should go under your dog’s belly and behind the leg.
  4. After that, buckle the harness and check to make sure it is secure.
  5. Lastly, adjust the straps so that it fits your dog snugly.

One thing to note is that sometimes it will differ a bit from products to products depending on the manufacturers, but the concept is the same.

Step-In Dog Harness

  1. Step-in dog harness has become very popular in recent years thanks to its easy to fit design.
  2. First, unbuckle the harness and lay it flat on the ground, and you should see two triangles.
  3. Then, have your dog step inside the triangles.
  4. Next, just pull it up and snap the buckle.
  5. Lastly, adjust the straps to ensure it fits properly. 


Regardless of which one you have, it is crucial to check if it is secure properly before you head out. The reason being is that if it is too loose, your dog can easily wriggle out of it, which is very dangerous.

Also, if it is too tight, it can rub against your dog’s skin and cause discomfort and irritation. As a good rule of thumb, you should be able to fit in at least two fingers between your pooch’s body and the harness for optimal security and comfort.