French Bulldog Prices (2023 Guide): How Much Do They Cost?

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French Bulldog Price

If you want a fun, family-friendly pet that loves to play now and cuddle later, French Bulldogs tick every box.

The ever-growing popularity of this breed speaks to the French Bulldog’s friendly nature, and being one of the most popular dog breeds today, how much should you expect to spend on a puppy or full-grown adult?

Check out this 2023 guide on French Bulldog prices, so you know how to find the right Frenchie for your budget.

French Bulldogs Average Cost
French Bulldog Price (Puppy) & Initial Supplies $3,570
Ongoing Expenses (Yearly) $2,120
Minimum Lifetime Cost Based on the Life Span of 10 years $24,770

How Much Does A French Bulldog Puppy Cost?

The average French Bulldog puppy price falls between $1,500 and $4,500, with highly reputable breeders using distinct bloodlines that may raise the price to as high as $30,000! Breeders use many factors to determine the price of their puppies, with some puppy features or traits demanding a higher price than others.

Steer clear of French Bulldog puppies with suspiciously low prices, as these pups may come from backyard breeders, puppy mills, or scammers who sell non-existent puppies online.

A puppy mill or an unethical breeder’s goal is to make a quick profit and will not provide appropriate healthcare, resulting in sick puppies with long-term health issues that can cost thousands of dollars in vet visits.

How About Mini Frenchies?

Mini Frenchies can weigh as little as five pounds, making them a popular option among families wanting a much smaller dog. However, Mini Frenchies require more effort to breed and care for, so many breeders price them between $2,500 and $8,000.

Why Are French Bulldogs So Expensive?

With the average French Bulldog price range spreading from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, you may wonder why this breed merits such a high price since a Labrador puppy costs considerably less. Three major factors affect the French Bulldog average price:

1. High Popularity & Demand

French Bulldogs have recently experienced a surge in popularity due to their adaptability and size. As more people move to highly-populated areas and smaller cities begin to urbanize, more families want smaller dog breeds for entertainment and companionship. The French Bulldog fits right in with apartment living, providing a family-friendly alternative to other small breeds.

As the demand for French Bulldogs soared, so did their price range. Reputable breeders can set much higher prices for their puppies, especially as certain traits and features gain more popularity.

2. Health Problems

While responsible breeders try hard to eliminate breed-specific health problems, many Frenchies may still suffer from problems related to their bone structure. Like Pugs and American Bulldogs, French Bulldogs have a flat face that puts them at risk for breathing problems. Frenchies may also have difficulties with eye health and jaw function, in addition to kneecap shifts and hip dysplasia.

While health problems increase the cost of your Frenchie later in its life, you may wonder how this affects its cost as a puppy. Reputable breeders use methods like DNA scans and genetic testing to ensure healthier litters, and these expensive procedures partially roll into the price of French Bulldog puppies.

3. Breeding Difficulties

Because French Bulldogs have a smaller build, they rarely produce more than three puppies per litter. In addition, most puppies require a C-section, as Frenchies have notorious difficulties with natural reproduction. The multiple vet visits to guarantee a healthy pregnancy and the cost of the C-section surgery raise the French bulldog price when it’s time to put the puppies up for adoption.

Breeders also have to wait longer before breeding mother Frenchies again, often resulting in lengthy waiting lists. The longer the list, the more a breeder may charge for future puppies.

French Bulldog Puppies

Factors Affecting The Price Of French Bulldog Puppies

Beyond the high demand, health issues, and the problems of breeding French Bulldogs, many other factors influence Frenchie puppy prices.

1. Breeder's Reputation

Reputable breeders take steps to ensure the health of each puppy, including extensive care for the parent Frenchies and regular wellness visits for every pup. You can expect a French Bulldog puppy from a highly regarded breeder to live longer and enjoy better health throughout its life.

Purchasing puppies with lower price tags often indicates a less-experienced or less-reputable breeder who may not pay as much attention to the puppies’ health.

Look for French Bulldog breeders who:

  • Screen their dogs for genetic diseases, including hip and elbow dysplasia and patellar luxation.
  • Provide proof of health screenings and health clearances.
  • Can provide references that can vouch for the quality of their puppies.
  • Are knowledgeable about the French Bulldog breed standard and willing to answer all your questions about the breed before making a purchase.
  • Have a good reputation with previous buyers, other breeders, and veterinarians.
  • Follow ethical breeding practices and provide puppies that are properly socialized and healthy.
  • Willingly provide contracts that explain your rights as a buyer and the breeder’s responsibilities.
  • Can provide proof of a puppy’s pedigree, including its parents’ health testing and other relevant information.
  • Ensure the pups have had all the necessary shots, vaccination, deworming, and anti-parasite treatments.

Some of the best breeders will also provide ongoing support after the sale, so don’t hesitate to ask about that. Furthermore, they’ll offer a lifetime health guarantee covering any genetic problems or illnesses that may arise. This speaks to their commitment and passion for this wonderful breed.

While getting one from a reputable French Bulldog breeder is expensive, it’s an investment that will pay off in the long run, as you can rest assured knowing your puppy was bred with love and proper care to ensure its long-term health.

2. Color

French Bulldogs come in various colors and patterns, with some typical to the breed and others a rare and valuable trait. Interestingly, more valuable Frenchies don’t qualify for AKC (American Kennel Club) show competitions, so if you want to run the ring with your French Bulldog, choose a pup with a standard coat.

Standard Frenchie coat colors include:

  • White
  • Fawn (ranging from light fawn to a red fawn)
  • Cream (eggshell white)

Rare Frenchie coat colors include:

  • Blue (silver or gray)
  • Lilac (pale gray-brown)
  • Chocolate

Standard Frenchie coat patterns include:

  • Pied (white fur with patches of brown or black, especially around the face)
  • Brindle (striped fur with light and dark coloring)

Rare Frenchie coat patterns include:

  • Merle (light fur with dark patches and spots all over)
  • Trindle (three-color coat with brindle)

3. Eye Color

All puppies have blue eyes at birth that usually turn brown over time. Frenchie puppies that retain blue eyes have a higher value. For pups who retain one blue eye while the other turns brown, the value ranges depending on the breeder. Blue Fawn Frenchies may end up with green eyes, making them more valuable than other Frenchie pups.

4. Gender

Male puppies tend to cost less than females due to their inability to produce puppies. While siring can bring in some extra funds, breeders know that when they sell a female Frenchie pup, they may have contributed to a future competing breeder. As a result, many breeders sell female Frenchies at a much higher price point than male pups.

5. Location & Time Of Year

Location heavily affects the prices of Frenchie pups. Breeders living in large cities will charge more for their puppies than breeders in small towns or country homes. For reputable breeders, breeding Frenchies may be their sole source of income, so everything from the cost of pet food to their utility bills gets built into the prices for Frenchie puppies.

If you can find a breeder located in a smaller town as opposed to a big city breeder, you may save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

You can also save money by purchasing your French Bulldog puppy in the fall or winter, the common off-season for puppy adoption.

Many prospective Frenchie owners want their puppies in the spring or summer when training and playing outside make for cute photos and memories. By waiting until the cooler months, you can take advantage of lower prices and slightly older puppies who may already have potty training and other skills.

French Bulldog Price List/ Chart (Average)

As mentioned earlier, color is one of the main factors when it comes to French Bulldog pricing. The rarest colors will have higher price tags, often exceeding $10,000.

Below is a chart summarizing the average cost for each color:

Color Average Price
Brindle $4,000
Black $4,500
Fawn brindle $4,500
Cream $5,000
Fawn $5,000
White $5,500
Chocolate $6,500+
Lilac $6,500+
Merle $6,500+
Blue & Blue fawn $6,500+
Platinum $8,000+
Isabella $8,000+
Fluffy Frenchie $12,000+

What Is The Most Expensive Frenchie Color?

The most expensive French Bulldog color is Fluffy Frenchie, with a typical price tag of $12,000 and above. This is because it’s the rarest, and it takes a great deal of care and special breeding techniques to produce these puppies.

Nevertheless, it is highly sought after by breeders and owners alike due to its rarity. Other rare colors like Platinum and Isabella can also fetch a hefty price, with pricing starting from around $8,000.

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Frenchie From A Shelter Or Rescue

You may find better French Bulldog prices by adopting one from an animal shelter or rescue. These services often include spaying or neutering fees, vaccinations, or microchip costs in the total adoption cost. Due to the breed’s popularity, French Bulldog adoption may cost you between $250 and $800, with the price climbing alongside the demand for this popular dog breed.

French Bulldogs Initial Cost: Setup, Supplies, & Vet Bills In The First Year

During the first year of owning your French Bulldog, you should expect to spend around $1,570. The basic supplies you’ll need include but are not limited to:

  • Toys for puppies
  • A comfortable bed
  • A collar
  • A leash
  • Food and water bowls

Potty training often requires a crate and a pack of pee pads, the prices of which vary depending on the brand and type you choose. Dog food also comes in variable pricing, with higher-quality food costing more, but start with a small amount to ensure that your Frenchie likes the food so you don’t end up with food they refuse.

Veterinary visits also vary depending on their reputation and location, with most initial puppy wellness checks costing around $100. If your pup needs vaccinations or health screenings, you may receive a slightly higher bill on your initial visit.

Initial Puppy Supplies & Vet Visits Average Cost
Food & Water Bowls $20
Food $50
Collar & ID Tags $25
Vet Visits in the First Year (Including all the recommended vaccines, deworming, spaying/ neutering, etc.) $1,000
Microchip $35
Harness $25
Leash $15
Bed $50
Crate $50
Poop Bags (for 1 year) $60
Toys $50
Treats $25
First Aid Kit $30
Dog Car Safety Harness $50
Brush $20
Nail Clippers/ Nail Grinders for Dogs $35
Water or Waterless Shampoo for Dogs $15
Dental Products (Dog Toothbrush & Toothpaste) $15
Total $1,570

*A Full Breakdown of Things You Can Expect to Pay During the First Year of French Bulldog Ownership

Ongoing Expenses Of Owning A French Bulldog

Frenchies may live up to 14 years, providing you with a long-term family companion. To help you understand the commitment level this breed demands, let’s look at how much does a French Bulldog cost in terms of ongoing expenses.

1. Basic Supplies

Most French bulldogs stay small, making it easier to keep and use the same crate or dog bed you initially bought for your pup’s entire life. However, expect to upgrade their collar and leash every now and then and replace other pet supplies like toys and food bowls. Always ensure that your Frenchie has plenty of chew toys, as these dogs can become bored easily and may gnaw on parts of your home or furniture.

2. Food

Depending on your Frenchie’s age and size, you may spend upwards of $50 on dog food each month. Higher-quality foods provide your Frenchie with much-needed nutrients that lower-standard dog foods may not have, providing a healthier life. French Bulldogs should eat around 30 calories for every pound of body weight, often requiring at least one 30-pound bag of dog food per month.

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3. Medical Costs & Pet Insurance

Sick French Bulldog

French Bulldogs, unfortunately, tend to see the vet more often than other breeds due to their unique skeletal structure and subsequent health issues. To offset vet costs, you may consider getting pet insurance, though French Bulldogs also raise the price of normal pet insurance plans. In addition, you need to consider the costs of basic veterinary care, including:

Ongoing Expenses (Yearly) Average Cost
Food $700
Treats $150
Routine Veterinary Care $400
Insurance $720
Basic Supplies (Replacement) $150
Total $2,120

*A List of Ongoing Expenses You May Need to Include in Your Budget

Additional Costs To Consider

Besides the start-up costs and annual upkeep of your French Bulldog, you should also consider the additional training and maintenance costs that contribute to the total French Bulldog price over your pup’s life.

1. Professional Training & Socialization Class

French Bulldogs have highly adaptable personalities and enjoy learning new tricks. If you don’t have the patience or ability to train your Frenchie, you can opt for professional training.

Obedience classes help your Frenchie learn how to sit, stay, and behave around other dogs and people, costing you between $50 and $120 per hour, depending on location and the type of training class.

Many dog training classes put an emphasis on socialization skills. If your Frenchie gets nervous around new people or needs behavioral adjustments for living with other pets, dog training and socialization classes can help.

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2. Dog Walking

To keep your French Bulldog happy, they need around one hour of exercise daily. Frenchies have high energy levels and crave socialization, so if your schedule makes it difficult to find time to play with them, you can organize a dog walker to take your Frenchie out.

Dog walkers rarely charge more than $60 an hour, though the price may increase depending on the location and popularity of the dog walking service.

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3. Grooming

Grooming your Frenchie often costs between $30 and $100, depending on the groomer’s experience and location.

French Bulldogs can wait between four and six weeks between grooming appointments, but you can easily care for your dog during this time with daily brushing. While Frenchies tend to shed less than other dog breeds, daily brushing helps keep your pet’s coat shiny and healthy.

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4. Doggy Daycare & Boarding

French Bulldogs require a lot of attention and suffer from separation anxiety may draw out personality flaws or induce stress chewing. Instead of leaving your Frenchie at home, you can opt for doggy daycare centers, where your dog can socialize and play while you’re at work or busy.

Most doggy daycares charge by the day or allow you to choose from multi-day packages, with prices varying between $30 and $50 a day depending on location and included services.

If you plan to be away from home for a few days, dog boarding provides a safe place for your dog to play with other pets and enjoy specialized attention from the handlers. Your Frenchie will have fun during the day and have a safe place to sleep at night, and you can rest easy knowing that your dog has 24/7 care and comfort.

As with doggy daycares, prices may vary depending on location and services, plus how long your dog will stay there; for instance, one night may cost as little as $50, while a full two-week stay may cost as much as $1,800.

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5. Emergency Vet Visits

While Frenchie’s health conditions often require regular vet visits to keep them in optimum health, emergency vets can help if your pet becomes dangerously ill or suffers an injury.

Depending on the location, an emergency vet visit may cost between $150 and $250 just to walk in the door. If the emergency vet has to perform any surgeries, stitch wounds, or provide imaging services, your visit may cost as much as $1,500 or more.

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Additional Expenses to Factor in Cost
Professional Training & Socialization Class $50 - $120 per hour
Dog Walking $25 - $60 per hour
Grooming $30 - $100 per session
Emergency Vet Visit $500 or more
Doggy Daycare $30 - $50 per day
Dog Boarding $25 - $85 per night
*A List of Additional French Bulldog Costs You May Need to Consider

Are Frenchies Worth It?

A Frenchie makes up for its price tag with its adorable face and family-friendly disposition. However, families on a budget should consider the potential health risks their Frenchie may develop and set aside money for vet visits.

In addition, those who travel frequently or work long hours away from home may want to consider if anyone in the family can look after the pup while away.

You’ll enjoy the company of your Frenchie for years to come, especially after proper training and socialization. These dogs work well in homes with children and usually get along with other pets while requiring little daily maintenance and adapting well to small living spaces.

While French Bulldog prices have risen, the breed’s personality and cuteness continue to make them a popular pet choice among Americans and throughout the world.