Captions For Hiking With Dogs [For Your Instagram and Facebook Updates!]

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A long day of hiking can be exhausting, but it can also be a lot of fun with the right company. And who’s better to have along than man’s best friend?

You’ve taken lots of photos and videos during your outing together, but not all of them are winners. Sometimes your dog looks too serious, or sometimes they’re just not looking at the camera. If only you could find a way to add some humor to those pictures!

Well, now there is.

Here is a list of 100 hiking photo and video caption ideas to use for your Instagram post and Facebook update!

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Dog Hiking Captions
Caption: A husky is at the top of the hill
  1. If only I could hike up this hill…my paws hurt too much!
  2. If we don’t make it back alive, just know I love you woof, woof.
  3. So many hills today…I’m pooped!!
  4. My human thinks she’s so cool with her little doggy carrier backpack, but I swear there’s booze and smoke in here.
  5. Want to go for a hike? Sure, but only if you carry me.
  6. Look at that waterfall! Don’t worry, mom, you can take all the time you want to snap a picture while I pee on this bush.
  7. I can’t believe this is the view from the top of this mountain!
  8. Oops…I guess that running water was too loud for me to hear my human yelling at me.
  9. What do you mean it’s too dangerous for us to get closer?! I’ll be fine as long as I have a good stick in my mouth.
  10. Sorry mom and dad, nobody told me hiking involved so much walking.
  11. We’ve been hiking all day. Can we take five and have some snacks now? I know mom packed more beef jerky than apple slices.
  12. This trail isn’t actually a trail. It’s the tail of my human.
  13. My paws hurt…I think I need some doggy painkillers, bandaids, and hiking shoes!!
  14. These trails are great, but there aren’t enough squirrels and rabbits for me to catch!!
  15. It’s a good thing we brought our water bottles cause it feels like it’s been 100 days since we stopped for a drink last.
  16. My human is so lucky she gets to hike all day with me!
  17. Keep moving, or I’ll trip you with my leash and eat all your food like the savage beast that I am.
  18. Just when I thought going on hikes was pointless. I saw a squirrel. Now I don’t care if it’s pointless anymore.
  19. My human better not make me wear that bandana and sombrero…that’s just embarrassing for all of us!
  20. I don’t need to wear a life jacket…this river isn’t that deep!
  21. Who cares about getting muddy? At least it doesn’t rain on us!
  22. I thought this was supposed to be a short hike?
  23. I can’t wait to put on my rappelling harness so I can fly down this cliff and leave my hooman behind.
  24. Oh, were we supposed to bring food on this hike?
  25. You said there would be waterfalls and butterflies!
  26. You know what would make this even better? A stick!
  27. Sure, this is beautiful, but I’d rather be at home chasing my tail.
  28. I’ll go anywhere so long as there’s a good nap waiting for me at the end of it.
  29. I’m going to climb that tree one day…watch and see!
  30. I’m pretty sure we won’t find any dragons out here…maybe just a few really big lizards, though.
  31. My paws feel so dirty and stinky. Maybe I’ll roll around in some mud before we get back home.
  32. My human says this trail is really challenging… I think it’s more of a walk in the park!
  33. I heard there were black bears on this trail, but I haven’t seen any yet!
  34. Get off your phone and pay attention. There could be mountain lions around here!!
  35. Like, oh my gosh mom, do you see that deer?! It was just chilling like three feet away from us.
  36. Hiking is cool, but sometimes it’s more fun to just lay in the dirt and roll around.
  37. Oh boy, here comes that annoying guy again…Maybe if I follow him for a bit he’ll fall into a pit trap or something.
  38. Oh look! Another family of humans with doggies yay!
  39. Want to go for a hike but only if we bring my ball with us.
  40. Boy, this hike sure isn’t what I thought it would be…so much for bragging to my doggy friends about it now!
  41. I’m so tired. If we don’t make it out of here, I love you.
  42. Leave me here. This hike is ridiculous and smells funny anyway!!
  43. My human thinks she’s being funny when she puts me in this green frog backpack thing…I think I look like an idiot.
  44. My paws hurt so bad, but at least my outfit looks good!
  45. Oh look, another stick. Don’t mind if I do!
  46. I’m so glad that we brought our own water bottles cause there is no way I’m drinking from these dirty streams.
  47. I told you these trails were more of a walk in the park.
  48. Ugh…I wish my human had a better sense of direction.
  49. Can we please just go home now?
  50. My parents always encouraged me to be an explorer, so that’s exactly what I am!
  51. I hope I can do the hike when my feet are bigger.
  52. Ugh! Why did you have to stick me in this backpack?!
  53. Don’t mind me. I’m just enjoying the view while sitting in the dirt.
  54. I must be an excellent mountain climber cause I never slip or fall down these rocks!!
  55. My human said she was going on a short hike, but it’s been over 2 hours, and we haven’t stopped yet!
  56. We hiked to see a waterfall, but what we got was more like a trickle of water.
  57. My human told me if I was good at hiking, she would take me on the Appalachian Trail…just you wait!
  58. If you don’t mind, I’m going to eat all your food.
  59. We’re almost there, just a little further!!
  60. Well, we finally made it to the top of this mountain. Where’s my treat?
  61. I am the Queen of this mountain!!
  62. My human says that we have to leave soon, but I’m not ready!
  63. My human says she’s taking me hiking, but all I want her to do is carry me.
  64. You humans are all so slow…and you’re going the wrong way.
  65. I can’t believe you made me wear this leash in front of all these other dogs!
  66. My human says the view from the summit will take my breath away. So far, all I see is fog, though.
  67. It’s pretty here, but not enough shade for my liking.
  68. I swear to you that I will not whine this entire hike.
  69. If we hurry up, we’ll get to the top before sunset!!
  70. Ugh. If it wasn’t for this darn leash, I could climb up that tree and check out all of the cool bird’s nests.
  71. Oh yes, another squirrel!
  72. I’m so proud of my humans for climbing this! Finally, some recognition.
  73. I always knew that we would make great mountain climbers, and now it’s proven!
  74. Boy, oh boy, these rocks are starting to hurt my paws!! Do we have to keep going?
  75. I got tired of waiting for my human, so now I’m going to hike without her!!
  76. Please leave me here with the squirrels. They’re cuter than humans!
  77. Okay, let’s go on a real adventure right now and figure out where this path leads.
  78. My human keeps saying, “we’re almost there,” but nothing ever happens!!!
  79. Okay, now I’m starting to be annoyed that you won’t stop taking pictures of me in this stupid hiking outfit!
  80. If my humans would let me off the leash, I could run up these rocks like an expert mountain climber!
  81. Why do we have to take trails when there are perfectly good roads around here?! We could drive to get there so much faster.
  82. I’m a mountain goat, and I’m going to prove it by climbing all these rocks!!
  83. Are you seriously climbing down that rock wall again?! You’re embarrassing me!
  84. My human is going to flip when she sees all the mud she has to clean off her car seats.
  85. Why do humans think they’re better than us when they can’t even climb up rocks as fast as we can?!
  86. It’s so pretty up here, but I’m kind of hungry.
  87. If my humans let me off the leash, I could find all kinds of animals around here that like to play with dogs!
  88. Okay…I tried being a good hiking dog, but I guess you owe me a nice long nap after this.
  89. Okay, but just this one time, I’ll let you take my picture.
  90. You’re not a real hiker if you keep stopping to take pictures of everything!
  91. Ugh! Don’t make me go out there with that stupid leash again!
  92. We only have two more miles until we reach our destination. I can totally handle that…can’t I?
  93. Please just let me run around without my leash. I’m not going to wander off!
  94. I’m tired, and my leg is sore. Can’t we just take a break now?!
  95. When I get home, I’m seriously going to tell my human how bad she sucks at hiking.
  96. My humans say they love me all the time, but why can’t they carry me around instead of making me walk everywhere?
  97. I swear to you I am not going to complain about the rest of this hike.
  98. Is it really that hard for my humans to put up a tent? It seems like they’re always struggling with ropes and those stakes drive me nuts!
  99. This path could use some more rocks to trip my humans up.
  100. Finally, a nice spot to take a selfie instead of another stupid group photo.