4 Best Dog Winter Hats (2023 Reviews)

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When temperatures drop, you will surely need a beanie to keep yourself warm outside!

The same goes for dogs.

They will also need a soft fleece-lined knitted headwear to protect their head, neck, and ears from bitter cold and wind, especially those with a short, thin coat.

Below are the 4 top-rated dog winter hats we’ve reviewed in 2023 that can keep your pup warm in cold weather conditions.

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List of Best Winter Hats for Dogs in 2023

1. Our Top Pick - Zoo Snoods Crochet Panda Bear Dog Snood

Zoo Snoods Panda Bear Dog Costume
Photo Credit : Zoo Snoods

A very well insulated crochet neck and ear warmer hood for dogs


Seeking a winter hat to keep your pup warm, but worry that it can cause skin rashes and irritation? Then you would probably want to consider the Zoo Snoods Crochet Panda Bear Dog Snood.

Not only can it protect your dog’s neck and ears from the winter weather, dirt, and moisture, but wearing it won’t cause allergies or hurt your furkid in any way thanks to its high-quality hand-crocheted details and super-soft yarn used. Plus, its knitting pattern is incredibly stretchy, making it perfect for dogs of all sizes.

Additionally, this best dog winter hat comes in 3 sizes to ensure a snug fit. So what if you don’t like its panda look? Not a problem, it also has many other cute designs available, such as bull, dinosaur, and reindeer!

2. Best for Dogs with Long Necks - RC Pet Products Summit Dog Snood

RC Pet Products Summit Dog Snood
Photo Credit : RC Pet

A winter hat and scarf set to protect a dog’s head, ears, and neck in cold, windy conditions


Does your dog have a long neck like Greyhounds and Doberman Pinschers? If so, the RC Pet Products Summit Dog Snood may be a better option as it is a winter hat and scarf set, meaning it can cover the neck area, not just their head and ears.

It is made of soft and super stretchy fabric to allow for freedom of movement, combined with 2 drawstring cinch closures to secure the snood. Not to mention it is anti-pill, designed to prevent the fabric from forming any tiny little balls after washing, and still maintain its smoother surface and clean look.

Additionally, it has reflective piping to keep your fido visible in a low-light situation, which is especially crucial in winter. As you know, there will be less sunlight due to daylight savings.

3. Best for Festive Period - FLAdorepet Pom Pom Christmas Dog Hat Costume

NACOCO Christmas Dog Hat
Photo Credit : FLAdorepet

A cute and adorable Christmas apparel for dogs


So, Christmas is just around the corner? Check out the FLAdorepet Pom Pom Christmas Dog Hat Costume, an excellent option for the festive season.

Composed of red and light beige color with a cute pom-pom attached on top of the hat can surely increase the festive atmosphere. And without any doubt, it is perfect for family photoshoots and is suitable for cold winter days.

This best dog winter hat has 2 layers of knitted fabric made of super-soft yarn to provide warmth and comfort and won’t cause allergies or hurt your pup! Also, there shouldn’t be any hassle when cleaning this snood as it is machine washable.

4. Best for Budget - Lanyar Grey Knit Dog Hats Accessory

Lanyar Grey Knit Dog Hats Accessory
Photo Credit : Lanyar

A winter knitted beanie with ear holes to provide warmth


Want something cheaper without having to compromise on your dog’s comfort? Look no further than the Lanyar Grey Knit Dog Hats Accessory.

This dog winter hat is made of soft acrylic fabric that is lightweight, warm, and soft to the skin, which is what your canine exactly needs in the colder months. You also notice there are 2 braided straps. The purpose is to allow you to tie the hat to ensure it will stay on.

While it is also machine washable, hand wash is preferred so that it can last longer.

Benefits of Using a Dog Hat for Winter

Best Dog Winter Hats
Photo Credit : FLAdorepet
  • Keeps your dog warm. Like a dog winter coat and doggy snow booties, a dog winter hat can protect your fido from the cold weather and help them stay warm, ultimately keeping them safe from frostbite and hypothermia.
  • It looks adorable. Dogs romping in the snow with a hat on, isn’t that super cute? Putting a beanie on your pup will surely make them look more attractive than other dogs and win lots of admiration.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Dog Winter Hat

When choosing a winter hat for your four-legged friend, there are a few things you need to consider, and below are some of them.

1. Material

If you don’t want an uncomfortable and itchy yarn on your head, neither does your dog. So, look for something made of super-soft material like the Zoo Snoods Crochet Panda Bear Dog Snood and FLAdorepet Pom Pom Christmas Dog Hat Costume that won’t irritate your pup.

2. Adjustability

You would also want an adjustable or at least stretchy enough hat to ensure it will fit snugly around your dog’s head. You will find some hats like Lanyar Grey Knit Dog Hats Accessory has a chin strap that gives you the ability to adjust the tightness, while some like the RC Pet Products Summit Dog Snood uses drawstring to hold it in place.

3. Size

Make sure to pick the right size so that it will fit securely and won’t fall off during walks. Measure the widest point in front of the ears, and depend on the type of hat you choose, you may also need to measure your dog’s neck. Unless the reason for buying the snood is more for family photos, then sure, you can pick something that doesn’t fit as tight for a fancier look.

4. Style and Color

Winter dog hats also come in a wide selection of styles and colors. Needless to say, there’s no best style as it all comes down to your personal preference. Just make sure to pick the one that makes your pup look cute!