7 Best Dog Friendly Hikes on Oahu

You probably have heard of Hawaii’s beauty, and it is undoubtedly a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

And when it comes to Oahu, Hawaii, also known as The Gathering Place, there certainly is no shortage of hiking trails.

If you are searching for dog-friendly hiking trails on this beautiful island, you’ve come to the right place!

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Below are the 7 best dog-friendly hikes on Oahu.

1. Kuliouou Ridge Trail

The Kuliouou Ridge Trail is a 4.3-mile out-and-back trail with an elevation gain of 1,625 feet and is one of the most beautiful dog-friendly hikes on Oahu. It is a little bit steep with lots of stairs near the end of the trail, which can be challenging, especially for new hikers, but it is definitely worth the effort. At the summit, you will have breathtaking views of Hawaii Kai and the east side

2. Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail

There is a good reason why the Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail is one of Oahu’s best trails. It is only 2.4 miles round trip, with spectacular views overlooking Makapu’u Beach, Koko Head, Koko Crater, the windward coast, and the red-roofed Makapu’u Lighthouse, as well as Molokai and Lanai on a clear day.

What’s more, you might even see migrating humpback whales if you are lucky enough, and the season is typically from December to May. One thing, though, is that it is an asphalt trail, meaning it can become too hot for your furry friend to walk on during the summer months. So, you would probably want to get them a pair of high-quality hiking boots to protect their paws.

3. Koko Crater Arch Trail

The Koko Crater Arch Trail is a 0.9-mile loop trail that offers mesmerizing views. Pretty short hike, yet we rated it as moderate because of the steep grade near the arch and can be a little bit slippery due to the loose gravel. So, be careful and watch your footing. And for that reason, you and your dog are going to need to wear good hiking shoes.

4. Kaiwa Ridge (Lanikai Pillbox) Trail

The Kaiwa Ridge Trail is also known as the Lanikai Pillbox, is another short and popular trail. Meaning it can get pretty crowded, especially if you are going on a sunrise hike. This trail is approximately 1.8 miles round trip, rocky, slippery, and steep in places. But you will have amazing views the whole way up to the top, with stunning views of the ocean, Lanikai, and Kailua.

5. Aiea Loop Trail

The Aiea Loop Trail is also a popular spot and is slightly longer than most trails on this list. It is roughly 4.5 miles, offers beautiful views of Halawa Valley, H-3 Freeway, and the southern coastline. The hardest part is at the end near the parking lot, where there will be a short climb. Apart from that, the rest of the hike is relatively easy and relaxing.

6. Makiki Valley Loop Trail

The Makiki Valley Loop Trail is another hiking trail that welcomes dogs, located near Honolulu. It is about 3.8 miles, very well shaded, which is perfect as you will be fine even if you are going on a hot sunny day. There are several small stream crossings and muddy spots, with a moderate incline in some places. Overall, it is a pretty easy hike, great for beginners.

7. Maunawili Falls Trail

Prefer to see waterfalls instead? Check out the Maunawili Falls Trail. Not a very long trail, which is only about 2.6 miles round trip. And at the end of it, you will see a beautiful waterfall and a water hole where you can swim in. Note that this trail is very muddy, wearing water shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty is a good idea.


Perhaps there’s nothing as satisfying as being in nature with your furry friend, a true hiking partner that will always stick around. So, ensure to take good care of them, bring a water bottle to keep them hydrated on the trail, and gear like a dog harness and GPS tracker to keep them safe. We’ve also got tips for hiking with dogs and a list of things you need to pack for your pup, make sure to check them out. Lastly, enjoy the hike and be safe!